Offense – Defense – Returns

Learn about our new version of special teams, the 3 on 1.  Now you can really call this “Special” teams!


RankPlayerTeamPositionTDRushing Yards
1Davelle QueshonPA Dynasty124
2Derrell JeremiahPA Dynasty10
3Anthony McNeilBaltimore GatorsDefensive tackle04
4Colin WhitePA DynastyWide receiver00
5Antony DimarsicoReturnsQuarterback, Wide receiver00
6Stephon McCarthyNJ AnimalsTight end, Defensive end00
7Matthew ArnoldNJ AnimalsCornerback, Wide receiver00
8Davon WillisNJ AnimalsCornerback, Wide receiver00
9Leo GarciaNJ AnimalsRunning back, Cornerback, Wide receiver00
10Justin DuartePA Dynasty00
11FitzNJ Paterson UQuarterback00
12Marcel ChapmanNJ SavageQuarterback, Safety, Wide receiver00
13Waldy MendezNJ SavageWide receiver00
14Rashod KnightPA Dynasty00
15Davon TaylorzNJ SavageCornerback, Wide receiver00
16kellzNJ ChiefsCornerback, Wide receiver00
17Big StaceNJ Paterson UOffensive tackle00
18Shavar HymanPA MisfitsRunning back, Middle linebacker00
19LocNJ ChiefsDefensive end00
20Alexander RednerNJ AnimalsCornerback, Wide receiver0-2
21Raheem BealNJ AnimalsRunning back, Linebacker00
22Lenny ManzielBaltimore KingsWide receiver00
23David HarmanBaltimore KingsMiddle linebacker00
24Kenneth BurrellBaltimore KingsTight end00
25Thiry MooreBaltimore KingsDefensive end00
26Santo GrassoBaltimore KingsDefensive end00
27Giovanni GarciaPA ImmortalzOutside linebacker, Quarter back00
28Tyler HanesPA MisfitsWide receiver00
29WillBaltimore KingsRunning back00
30Darren ThomasBaltimore KingsOffensive tackle00
31Tony RobertsBaltimore KingsRunning back00
32Monster HoodNJ SavageCornerback, Defensive end00
33Abby BabySav MansarayNJ SavageCornerback, Safety, Wide receiver00
34Tajmire FloodPA Dynasty00
35Tashawn WilliamsNJ SavageCornerback, Safety00
36Curtis CooperNJ SavageDefensive end, Linebacker00
37Tre ReidBaltimore GatorsRunning back, Cornerback00
38ACNJ Paterson UCornerback00
39ChiccNJ Paterson UCornerback, Wide receiver00
40Yusef Young ReddickPA Dynasty00
41Rashon WrightNJ AnimalsRunning back, Cornerback, Wide receiver00
42Will “K.Hunter” MooreNJ BIC00
43David ObonnayaNJ BIC00
44Tony DiazPA Th6Offensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
45Tajhan WebsterNJ BIC00
46Ronald ClercNJ BIC00
47James SullivanoNJ BIC00
48Fernando RobinsonNJ BIC00
49Jazz DanzyNJ BIC00
50Alex JacobPA Th6Quarterback, Outside linebacker00
51Colin WhitePA Th6Defensive tackle00
52Tristan LewisPA Dynasty00
53Manny AvilesNJ Spank Town BoyzCornerback00
54Craig PittsNJ Paterson UCornerback, Safety, Middle linebacker00
55Latrek MooreBaltimore CobrasOffensive tackle00
56Montice BirdenBaltimore CobrasRunning back00
57Jeff SwaseyPA Th6Defensive tackle00
58Eric SerfassPA Th6Offensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
59David FranaPA Th6Cornerback, Wide receiver00
60Courage MozieNJ BIC00
61Nicholas MaysBaltimore CobrasTight end, Defensive end00
62Jovan RawlesPA Dynasty00
63Isaih SommervillePA Dynasty07
64Hasson HawkinsPA Dynasty00
65Jovon ReyesPA Dynasty00
66Kyree BowlesPA Dynasty00
67Corey PriceNJ BIC00
68OJ RochaPA Dynasty00
69Mike Lee BryanPA Dynasty00
70Fetti WisePA Dynasty00
71Jayden ReyesPA Dynasty00
72Antonio ArroyoPA Dynasty00
73David MertzPA Dynasty00
74Allen TurnerPA Dynasty00
75Rich AdamsPA Dynasty00
76Angel FonsecaPA Dynasty029
77Austen GrimPA Dynasty00
78David Caldwell Jr.PA Dynasty00
79Da Bull WisePA Dynasty03
80Jamal HarmonNJ SavageQuarterback, Safety, Wide receiver00
81Sylvester WashingtonBaltimore GatorsSafety, Wide receiver00
82Joshua OrtizNJ AnimalsWide receiver, Linebacker011
83Alex VargasNJ ChiefsQuarterback00
84Wes MravlagPA Th6Tight end, Defensive end00
85Justin “Rampage” TurnerNJ BICDefensive end00
86Kitt “Air Jamaica” PommellsNJ Paterson URunning back, Tight end00
87Kevin GravesBaltimore BulldogsRunning back, Cornerback, Wide receiver00
88Gerald LlewellynNJ ThrashersQuarterback064
89Rokeim ChaneyBaltimore CobrasQuarterback00
90Derek ThornePA ImmortalzOutside linebacker, Wide receiver00
91Kareem AdamsPA MisfitsRunning back, Middle linebacker00
92Play ChasePA ImmortalzOutside linebacker, Wide receiver00
93Biggie JonesNJ Spank Town BoyzTight end, Defensive tackle00
94Eddie HennixPA REALWide receiver, Middle linebacker00
95Adrian RodriguezNJ Paterson UWide receiver00
96Al’Amin ShabazzNJ AnimalsDefensive tackle, Fullback00
97EAZYNJ ChiefsWide receiver00
98Jamell MasonBaltimore KingsQuarterback00
99Dre CannadyBaltimore BulldogsRunning back00
100Anton (Lor Boy) WadeBaltimore GatorsRunning back, Linebacker00
101Donnell HubbertNJ SavageRunning back, Middle linebacker00
102Seth BatsonNJ ThrashersRunning back031
103Chris BoylesPA Th6Outside linebacker, Defensive end00
104Joshua ClaudioPA REALQuarterback00
105Justin ZeinerPA ImmortalzOutside linebacker, Wide receiver00
106Darius PearsonNJ Spank Town BoyzRunning back, Defensive tackle04
107Shawn GravesBaltimore CobrasRunning back00
108Shane TurnerNJ SavageWide receiver00
109Kyle McEachernBaltimore GatorsWide receiver00
110Devon JohnsonNJ AnimalsCornerback, Wide receiver00
111Timmy CokleyBaltimore BulldogsCornerback, Wide receiver00
112James TonyBaltimore KingsOffensive tackle00
113EL King StNJ ChiefsRunning back00
114Will WilsonNJ Paterson UDefensive tackle00
115Keith BeatyNJ ThrashersOutside linebacker, Cornerback00
116Sean PrimerPA ImmortalzDefensive end, Quarter back00
117Carl KreidlerPA Th6Tight end, Defensive tackle00
118Prince SwaggPA REALOutside linebacker, Wide receiver00
119Charlie MunizPA MisfitsRunning back, Middle linebacker00
120Davon JohnsonNJ Spank Town BoyzCornerback00
121Lamount GordonBaltimore CobrasWide receiver00
122WilliamsNJ ChiefsCornerback00
123SkiNJ Paterson UWide receiver00
124George (G) CurryBaltimore GatorsWide receiver, Defensive tackle00
125Ceasar VaugnBaltimore KingsCornerback00
126Victor MontanezNJ AnimalsOffensive guard, Defensive tackle00
127Mitchell JenkinsNJ ThrashersRunning back00
128Kenneth PrioleaoNJ SavageCornerback, Wide receiver00
129Paul WilsonPA ImmortalzWide receiver, Defensive end00
130Jamal WilliamsNJ Spank Town BoyzQuarterback, Cornerback085
131Ruben MoralesPA MisfitsCornerback, Wide receiver00
132Amani SkinnerBaltimore CobrasWide receiver00
133Tray BarnesBaltimore BulldogsQuarterback00
134NEGRONNJ ChiefsDefensive end00
135Jarris “J-Roc” RogersNJ Paterson URunning back, Middle linebacker00
136RoachNJ ChiefsCornerback, Wide receiver00
137Ricardo FreemanBaltimore KingsMiddle linebacker00
138James EngelsNJ AnimalsQuarterback, Wide receiver, Middle linebacker00
139Anthony Elliot SrBaltimore Gators00
140Mal ElderPA Th6Cornerback, Wide receiver00
141Michael RiddickBaltimore BulldogsRunning back, Defensive tackle00
142Vernon FountainPA REALDefensive end, Middle linebacker00
143Anthony ElliottBaltimore CobrasCornerback00
144Tony MclaurinNJ Spank Town BoyzWide receiver00
145Adonis CannonPA ImmortalzTight end, Offensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
146Vlad RamirezPA Th6Offensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
147Q BellNJ SavageSafety, Wide receiver00
148Cruz SaulNJ ChiefsOutside linebacker00
149Cameron GervinBaltimore KingsRunning back00
150Brandon MillerBaltimore GatorsMiddle linebacker00
151Caylon WheelerBaltimore BulldogsQuarterback00
152Derrell HarrisBaltimore CobrasTight end, Defensive end00
153Leo MendezPA ImmortalzRunning back, Outside linebacker00
154Max TaylorNJ ThrashersQuarterback, Wide receiver00
155Ryan LopezNJ Spank Town BoyzDefensive end00
156SHAKESNJ ChiefsRunning back00
157Vincent MartinNJ AnimalsCornerback, Wide receiver00
158Christopher “Laid Back ” JonesNJ BICRunning back, Wide receiver00
159Randolph JohnsonBaltimore KingsRunning back00
160Quentin BraggNJ SavageDefensive end, Linebacker00
161Courtney “So Wavy” Stephenson DENJ Paterson UDefensive end00
162John (Ace Boogie) Gause Jr.Baltimore GatorsQuarterback, Cornerback00
163Sean MathurineNJ ThrashersQuarterback, Running back024
164Keanu CoreroPA Th6Wide receiver00
165David RiosPA REALQuarterback, Middle linebacker00
166Michael FernandezPA MisfitsQuarterback00
167Justin SalzarNJ Spank Town BoyzDefensive tackle00
168Buddah BlessPA Th6Cornerback, Wide receiver00
169David LegrierNJ AnimalsQuarterback, Cornerback, Defensive end00
170GRONKNJ ChiefsTight end00
171Lamont MarableBaltimore BulldogsRunning back, Wide receiver00
172Johnnie BanguraNJ SavageCornerback, Wide receiver00
173Terrell BurksBaltimore KingsDefensive end00
174Devin HallBaltimore GatorsOutside linebacker00
175Michael McgeeNJ ThrashersOutside linebacker, Defensive end00
176DeAndra GordonBaltimore CobrasLinebacker00
177Cary JonesNJ Spank Town BoyzTight end, Defensive end00
178Dre MillerPA Th6Running back, Outside linebacker, Wide receiver078
179Terence RolleNJ AnimalsRunning back, Linebacker00
180Big Mo RamadanNJ ChiefsDefensive tackle00
181LOYALTY DelonNJ ChiefsRunning back00
182HeemBaltimore BulldogsWide receiver, Defensive end00
183Olay BellNJ SavageDefensive end, Linebacker00
184Kareen “Silky Smooth” Moon QB / WRNJ Paterson UQuarterback, Wide receiver00
185Daryl CampbellNJ BICDefensive tackle00
186Bobby NewmanNJ ThrashersOutside linebacker, Tight end, Defensive end00
187Deonte WellsBaltimore GatorsDefensive tackle00
188Jeremy HillPA ImmortalzTight end, Defensive tackle00
189Chauncey MullikenPA REALOutside linebacker00
190Thiry MooreBaltimore CobrasDefensive end00
191Tony ParkNJ Spank Town BoyzRunning back, Defensive end00
192Raheem “Uncle M” WiseNJ Paterson UDefensive tackle00
193Jonathan KeeleNJ AnimalsQuarterback, Safety028
194LeekBaltimore BulldogsWide receiver, Defensive end00
195Roy CorderoBaltimore GatorsDefensive tackle, Linebacker00
196PackBaltimore CobrasCornerback, Wide receiver00
197Jorge WliliamPA REALWide receiver00
198Robert BrownNJ Spank Town BoyzWide receiver, Defensive end00
199S.KnightNJ ChiefsMiddle linebacker00
200Ryan WillockNJ SavageCornerback, Wide receiver00
201Quatrell “Huff” HuffinNJ Paterson UQuarterback00
202QuantBaltimore BulldogsCornerback, Wide receiver00
203Sherrod DavenportBaltimore GatorsDefensive end00
204Andre “Bullet” JasperNJ BICCornerback00
205Benjamin MartinBaltimore CobrasCornerback00
206Tyrae CokleyBaltimore BulldogsWide receiver, Tight end, Offensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
207Jonathan LopezPA MisfitsCornerback, Wide receiver00
208Alsaiah GrossPA ImmortalzSafety, Quarter back00
209Ronnie GillespiePA Th6Cornerback, Wide receiver00
210Justin ZduniakNJ Spank Town BoyzOutside linebacker02
211Doug Dos SantosNJ SavageSafety00
212Angelo CostaNJ AnimalsQuarterback00
213Raymond HornNJ Spank Town BoyzQuarterback, Tight end00
214Darshaun GroveBaltimore CobrasCornerback, Wide receiver00
215KC FennessyNJ ThrashersWide receiver013
216Andrew GonzalezNJ AnimalsOffensive tackle, Defensive end00
217MookBaltimore BulldogsRunning back, Wide receiver00
218Renard WeaverBaltimore KingsOffensive tackle00
219DebrayNJ ChiefsRunning back00
220Alberto MlenakNJ Spank Town BoyzQuarterback0-23
221Cameron ChappellePA MisfitsCornerback, Wide receiver00
222Christopher CoffmanNJ ThrashersMiddle linebacker00
223Antuan DixonPA REALRunning back06
224BatesNJ Paterson UDefensive tackle00
225JakeBaltimore BulldogsCornerback00
226Rodney GilmorePA Th6Quarterback, Cornerback, Wide receiver00
227Johnathan CoppageNJ Spank Town BoyzWide receiver00
228Carlos CruzPA MisfitsCornerback, Wide receiver00
229Jonathan SoltisNJ ThrashersOutside linebacker, Defensive end00
230Chad (pik a chu) MossBaltimore GatorsQuarterback, Tight end00
231Antione WitherspoonBaltimore KingsWide receiver00
232DreBaltimore BulldogsLinebacker00
233Terry RolandNJ ChiefsWide receiver00
234Shakur LesterPA ImmortalzRunning back, Outside linebacker00
235Edwin Diaz RiveraPA MisfitsTight end, Defensive tackle00
236Markeith “Dot” WilliamsonNJ Paterson UTight end, Defensive end00
237Cory HammondNJ BICQuarterback00
238Devin RomanNJ Spank Town BoyzMiddle linebacker00
239Marquis BraddyNJ SavageCornerback, Wide receiver00
240David PattersonNJ Spank Town BoyzCornerback, Wide receiver00
241NigeBaltimore BulldogsDefensive tackle00
242Shedrick GoodridgeNJ SavageTight end00
243Rashod BrooksBaltimore GatorsDefensive end00
244Derek JohnsonPA ImmortalzDefensive end, Middle linebacker00
245Rashad BrooksBaltimore CobrasDefensive end00
246Devin ButcherBaltimore KingsWide receiver00
247Laquan JohnsonNJ BICDefensive end, Linebacker00
248JamalBaltimore BulldogsTight end, Defensive tackle, Linebacker00
249Alan SparksNJ ThrashersWide receiver, Defensive end00
250Marque KeelsPA MisfitsCornerback, Wide receiver00
251Deon DavisNJ BICCornerback, Wide receiver00
252Joel RiveraNJ Paterson UWide receiver00
253Jason VasquezPA ImmortalzDefensive end, Quarter back00
254Jim McKnightNJ ThrashersTight end, Offensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
255Mike KnightNJ ChiefsWide receiver00
256Zo ShepardNJ BICDefensive end00
257Eddy ” Energy Eddy” GermainNJ BICDefensive end00
258Maurice WallaceNJ SavageDefensive end, Linebacker00
259Kevin JohnsonNJ Spank Town BoyzSafety00
260Lordell WadeBaltimore GatorsRunning back08
261Tre ReidBaltimore CobrasRunning back, Wide receiver00
262Brandon HambricNJ ThrashersCornerback00
263Keith PurnellBaltimore BulldogsSafety, Wide receiver00
264Derrick McCarthyNJ AnimalsWide receiver, Defensive end00
265Domingo “Black Mamba”NJ Paterson UWide receiver00
266Larry AggyNJ BICCornerback00
267Jerome Bethel Jr.Baltimore GatorsCornerback00
268MayweatherNJ ChiefsRunning back00
269Robert WillimasBaltimore KingsSafety00
270Nick KeimNJ ThrashersWide receiver00
271William LeonePA Th6Running back, Outside linebacker, Wide receiver00
272Charles IrwinPA ImmortalzRunning back, Middle linebacker00
273Juan Diaz RiveraPA MisfitsRunning back, Defensive end00
274Tracy RuchPA REALTight end00
275Al SavNJ Spank Town BoyzOutside linebacker00
276MassaNJ ChiefsCoach00
277Melvin ” Chop” BlancoNJ BICDefensive end00
278Melbert RobinsonPA REALOffensive tackle00
279Kadeem McCutcheonNJ AnimalsSafety, Wide receiver04
280Lybryant PolkBaltimore GatorsCornerback00
281Wellington HallNJ ThrashersCornerback00
282Matt RiddickPA ImmortalzOutside linebacker, Wide receiver00
283Marvin SmithBaltimore BulldogsCornerback00
284Daniel WynnPA MisfitsRunning back, Middle linebacker00
285Wellington HallNJ Spank Town BoyzCornerback00
286Kevin PurnellBaltimore BulldogsCornerback00
287SnoopBaltimore CobrasCornerback00
288TJ BrownNJ Paterson UQuarterback, Wide receiver00
289Jawaun Howard LipscombBaltimore KingsMiddle linebacker00
290Daniel RogersNJ AnimalsRunning back, Cornerback05
291Micheal (Big Mike) SomervilleBaltimore GatorsTight end, Middle linebacker00
292Karnell WactorNJ SavageDefensive end, Linebacker00
293Jorge SantanaPA REALOutside linebacker, Defensive end00
294Otis StephensNJ ThrashersRunning back00
295Anthony TerryPA ImmortalzRunning back, Defensive end00
296Casey McCormickBaltimore CobrasSafety00
297Korey RobinsonNJ SavageOutside linebacker, Tight end00
298Keith SalmondBaltimore KingsCornerback00
299Antwan (Twon) MatthewsBaltimore GatorsCornerback, Wide receiver00
300Darryl LuckNJ Paterson URunning back00
301Damyon EdwardsNJ Spank Town BoyzCornerback, Wide receiver00
302Davon GrossPA ImmortalzRunning back, Outside linebacker00
303Chris SoltisNJ ThrashersCornerback00
304Shawn ThomasPA MisfitsRunning back, Defensive end00
305Keith MorrisonNJ ThrashersWide receiver00
306Angelo Lewis Jr.Baltimore CobrasRunning back00
307Joan SarriaNJ Spank Town BoyzRunning back00
308Tyrell Addison Jr.Baltimore GatorsRunning back, Linebacker00
309JJNJ Paterson UCornerback, Safety00
310Tyrell Addison JrBaltimore CobrasSafety, Wide receiver00
311William SufrichPA Th6Cornerback, Wide receiver00
312Jay JenningsNJ Spank Town BoyzDefensive end00
313Tre SteptoePA ImmortalzTight end, Defensive end00
314Kyle StevensNJ ThrashersSafety00
315Don BehlerPA MisfitsOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
316Joseph BonillaNJ AnimalsCornerback, Wide receiver00
317Brandin SomervilleBaltimore GatorsCornerback00
318TreQuan GravesBaltimore BulldogsRunning back, Defensive tackle00
319Stefen JenningsPA MisfitsTight end00
320Vick AndujarNJ Spank Town BoyzRunning back00
321Kevin IsholaNJ ThrashersRunning back, Defensive end00
322Emery PaquioPA ImmortalzOutside linebacker, Wide receiver00
323Jharren Williams-GregoryNJ ThrashersOutside linebacker00
324Riyell WannPA MisfitsLinebacker00
325Yerel CaceresPA MisfitsCornerback, Wide receiver00
326Josh McWilliamsNJ Paterson UOutside linebacker, Defensive end00
327Mike DessalinesPA Th6Running back, Defensive end00
328Demetrius GreenPA MisfitsDefensive end00
329San HighlifePA REALRunning back00
330Budda “Smash” ColvinNJ BICWide receiver00
331Jamal FranklinBaltimore GatorsRunning back00
332D-TrainNJ Paterson URunning back00
333James ColesPA MisfitsWide receiver, Middle linebacker00
334Justo KaliNJ BICSafety, Defensive end00
335Terrell MitchellPA ImmortalzRunning back, Defensive end00
336Anthony ArceNJ SavageDefensive end, Linebacker00
337T-BoneNJ ChiefsRunning back00
338David HillPA REALTight end, Defensive end00
339Hassan IngramPA ImmortalzRunning back00
340Justin WoeppelPA MisfitsOffensive tackle, Middle linebacker00
341Joe RiveraNJ Spank Town BoyzDefensive end00
342Anthony PinchomNJ Paterson UDefensive tackle00
343Kenneth TippettNJ BICLinebacker00
344Ukeen RiddickPA MisfitsCornerback, Wide receiver00
345Nic DavisPA ImmortalzTight end, Defensive end00
346Vincent ParkerBaltimore GatorsDefensive tackle00
347Mahlik “Rude Boy” DavisNJ Paterson UOffensive tackle00
348Vincent ParkerBaltimore CobrasDefensive tackle00
349Ricky StevensNJ ThrashersOutside linebacker00
350Errol McCarthyNJ AnimalsOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
351Darren ThomasBaltimore CobrasOffensive tackle00
352Joe (Polamalu) WilsonBaltimore GatorsCornerback, Wide receiver00
353EscobarNJ ChiefsOffensive tackle00
354Joe WilsonBaltimore GatorsCornerback, Wide receiver00
355David NievesNJ Spank Town BoyzRunning back00
356LevineNJ ChiefsDefensive end00
357Maurice (Reese) TaylorBaltimore GatorsOffensive tackle00
358HershallNJ ChiefsCoach00
359Shaquil LaneBaltimore CobrasDefensive end00
360Anthony AlexanderPA MisfitsTight end, Defensive tackle00
361Chris LerlieBaltimore KingsOffensive tackle00
362Nick MaysBaltimore Gators00
363Savi DiazPA MisfitsRunning back, Middle linebacker00
364Kyle “Dro” BetheaNJ BICRunning back, Defensive end00
365Koran ClyneNJ ThrashersRunning back, Cornerback, Wide receiver00
366Ulysses BiscaiaNJ AnimalsTight end, Fullback, Linebacker00
367Lamel MillerNJ SavageOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
368Omar LopezPA REALOffensive tackle00
369Shakeem “Shaq” McCutcheonNJ Paterson UOffensive tackle00
370PALLOTTONJ ChiefsCoach00
371Joey “Lights Out” DavisNJ Paterson UOutside linebacker, Defensive end00
372EL UNONJ ChiefsOffensive tackle00
373Garren ThompsonBaltimore GatorsDefensive tackle00
374Howard JohnsonNJ SavageOffensive tackle00
375Shaquille SheeshPA REALOffensive tackle, Defensive end00
376Anthony ScrogginsBaltimore CobrasOffensive tackle00
377Teddy SlayNJ ThrashersDefensive tackle00
378Christian ponce DeLeonNJ Spank Town BoyzOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
379Daniel Miles FialloPA MisfitsOffensive tackle00
380Robert PadillaNJ SavageDefensive end, Linebacker00
381EL MURRNJ ChiefsOffensive tackle00
382Samuel GonzalezNJ AnimalsTight end, Offensive tackle, Defensive end00
383Obed CruzPA MisfitsOutside linebacker00
384Ruben PierreNJ Spank Town BoyzOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
385SHOCKNJ ChiefsOffensive tackle00
386Jaraun JacksonBaltimore KingsOffensive tackle00
387Jair SantistebanNJ AnimalsOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle, Fullback00
388Clyde FeasterPA Th6Defensive end00
389Alex HardenBaltimore CobrasOutside linebacker00
390Mark MazurBaltimore KingsOffensive tackle00
391Robert “Big Rob” FabienNJ BICOffensive guard00
392Hashaun FullwoodNJ Spank Town BoyzDefensive end00
393Willy WallacePA ImmortalzWide receiver, Middle linebacker00
394Thomas RatliffBaltimore KingsDefensive end00
395Luis CollazoPA MisfitsOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
396Jibril BreezyPA REALCornerback00
397Tobias TownesBaltimore CobrasOffensive tackle00
398Shotta BrentonBaltimore KingsDefensive end00
399Brandon LancePA Th6Offensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
400Jeff AristaNJ Paterson UOffensive tackle00
401Gerald BellPA ImmortalzRunning back, Defensive tackle00
402James DuganNJ AnimalsTight end, Offensive tackle, Defensive end00
403Steve PuchalskiNJ ThrashersDefensive tackle00
404Richard (Rock) RobertsBaltimore GatorsOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
405Jody HallPA REALDefensive tackle00
406Joshua RunkBaltimore CobrasOffensive tackle00
407Daniel MillerNJ SavageOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
408TJ ByrdBaltimore CobrasOffensive tackle00
409Rafael DiazPA Th6Offensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
410Will “Big Will” OwensNJ BICTight end, Defensive end00
411Julio GomezNJ SavageOffensive tackle00
412Skyler LashNJ Paterson UOffensive tackle00
413Frankie LeonNJ ThrashersOffensive guard, Offensive tackle00
414Kenny StansburryNJ BICDefensive tackle00
415Brian SantistebanNJ AnimalsOutside linebacker, Tight end, Defensive end00
416EL LEVERETTNJ ChiefsOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
417Erand BaptisteNJ Spank Town BoyzOffensive tackle00
418Carlo ButlerBaltimore KingsOffensive tackle00
419Jared GlassPA ImmortalzOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
420Scott PurnellBaltimore KingsWide receiver00
421Tyler SchulzNJ Spank Town BoyzOffensive guard, Defensive tackle00
422AlvarezNJ Paterson UOffensive tackle00
423Josh RodriguezPA ImmortalzOutside linebacker, Wide receiver00
424Gabrial CortesNJ Spank Town BoyzCenter00
425Alex LambertNJ ThrashersMiddle linebacker00
426Devante FordPA REALOutside linebacker, Defensive tackle00
427Dan EstradaNJ ThrashersOutside linebacker00
428Marlin AndersonBaltimore KingsWide receiver00
429Ryan RiosNJ AnimalsTight end, Defensive end00
430Troy SmithNJ BICWide receiver00
431BIG WHITENJ ChiefsTight end00
432Tyran TaylorPA ImmortalzOutside linebacker, Wide receiver00
433Pat “The Smoke” CobourneNJ BICWide receiver00
434Jairo ValerloPA MisfitsDefensive tackle, Middle linebacker00
435BIG S3XY DarylNJ ChiefsOffensive guard00
436Justen AnthonyPA ImmortalzRunning back, Offensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
437Miguel GochezBaltimore KingsDefensive tackle00
438Josh BehlerPA Th6Offensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
439Joe PetersPA ImmortalzOffensive tackle, Defensive tackle00
440Gabriel GaricaNJ ThrashersDefensive tackle00
441Jerrell NunnallyBaltimore CobrasFullback00
442Jamaar FranklinNJ AnimalsRunning back, Defensive end, Linebacker00