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A7FL adds 2ND SKULL Protective Headgear

PITTSBURGH, March 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — As the kickoff for the 2017 season is a few weeks away, the A7FL®, a professional 7 on 7 league is ready to take the field. American 7s Football League has teamed up with 2ND SKULL, Inc., a protective headgear company with patented technology featuring Impact Absorption Technology. The 2ND SKULL® Cap is a protective skull cap that A7FL players will be wearing this season.

“2ND SKULL® products are scientifically engineered to reduce impact. The special urethane molecules are soft at rest but harden upon impact, absorbing the energy. 2ND SKULL® helps protect an athlete by providing a thin layer of material designed to absorb impact,” said Federico Olivares, CEO of 2nd Skull.

Sener Korkusuz CEO of A7FL said: “Our players play football without bulky pads, enabling them complete freedom of movement and performance. When we found this product it made sense to get in touch with 2ND SKULL to see if they wanted to collaborate with us as a professional sports league. We love it because there is no bulk, weight and practically looks and feels like a regular skull cap. These accessories are already used in the NFL, college, and high school levels so adding a thin layer of effective protection that doesn’t change what we want to do was a no brainer.

“American 7s Football® format of removing helmets and removing bulky pads encourages athletes to use proper form tackling and wrap up technique. The concept of risk homeostasis supports our findings that athletes instinctively take their head out of the tackle when you remove the helmets and hard pads. You can see this going on with so called rugby style tackling being used at all levels of football including the NFL.”

Federico Olivares, founder and CEO of 2ND SKULL said: “We’re very pleased to collaborate with A7FL, as it is driving an emerging sport. 2ND SKULL® is the official protective headgear provider to A7FL.

“2ND SKULL® was a finalist in NFL’s 1ST & Future Competition during Super Bowl LI weekend in Houston. The Company competed in “Materials to Protect the Athlete” category which focused on innovative solutions that advance player safety while allowing the highest level of performance. The 2ND SKULL® Cap provides protection improvements against linear and rotational impacts. We do all of this in a simple, yet innovative product.”

About 2ND SKULL, Inc.
2nd Skull, Inc. is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based protective headgear company with patented products. 2nd Skull® products feature Impact Absorbing Technology and have a soft, flexible and breathable protective layer that delivers impact protection. 2nd Skull® has a protective headgear product for any activity. For more information, please visit

About A7FL, Inc.
Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, the American 7s Football League is the largest full contact, tackle football league in the United States that plays without hard pads and helmets. The goal of the A7FL is to save one of America’s favorite sports by fixing the way players tackle without sacrificing the physicality of the game all football fans love. The A7FL platform provides a modern model for the continued existence of football nationally but also the ultimate expansion of American 7s football internationally. For more information, visit:

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A7FL Signs Agreement With i1 Biometrics


KIRKLAND, Wash. – (May 9, 2016) – i1 Biometrics, a leading sports wearable technology company, announced today it has signed an agreement with the A7FL, the largest full contact, helmetless, tackle football league in the United States. This Spring, members of the league will wear the Vector MouthGuard with ESP Chip Technology, which measures the brain’s linear and rotational accelerations from impacts experienced in practices and games. The Impact Intelligence System— a computerized system that collects an athlete’s impact data — lies at the core of the Vector, monitoring this data.

The Impact Intelligence System technology is being implemented to further bolster collective knowledge pertaining to concussions and prevention — especially among sports-related head injuries that often cause serious, permanent damage. Sports concussions are on a dramatic rise; 1-in-5 high school athletes will sustain one this year, and more than 33% happen during practice. Football has the highest rate of concussion among teenage athletes, with about 11 concussions occurring per 10,000 athletic exposures.

“Concussion management is an area that football is trying to improve in an effort to elevate player safety,” said Jesse Harper, CEO of i1 Biometrics. “The Vector MouthGuard is an important coaching tool for players, trainers, and coaches. We appreciate industry leaders like the A7FL adopting our technology as a way to help remove some of the guesswork involved in head impacts.”

The A7FL is going one step further, utilizing students from the New Jersey Institute of Technology to monitor the Impact Intelligence System, a computerized system that collects an athlete’s impact data. In conjunction with the Vector MouthGuard, this system will provide highly accurate and reliable, real-time data about not only the number of hits but also the exact magnitude, direction, location and time of such impacts so as to help foster better prevention, protection and treatment methods both on and off of the field.

“The value of i1 Biometrics technology is that it goes inside our athletes’ mouth rather than on a helmet or on the body somewhere,” noted Sener Sean Korkusuz, CEO of the A7FL. “We selected i1 Biometrics because the Vector Mouthguard is best suited to the needs of all parties including A7FL athletes, league leadership, and our research partners at NJIT to provide essential data needed to open up a wider discussion on the future of helmeted and non-helmeted sports”

About i1 Biometrics: Headquartered in Kirkland, Wash., i1 Biometrics is a leading information and technology company that has developed the world’s first mouth guard to accurately measure the linear and rotational accelerations of head impacts during sports and training activities. i1 Biometrics’ Vector MouthGuard and ShockBox helmet sensor provide real-time data to anticipate the impacts an athlete is exposed to during gameplay. Leveraging the $14 billion wearable tech industry, i1 Biometrics helps athletes and trainers realize measureable results from performance analytics to shape forward-looking training programs and individualized athlete-conditioning environments in a variety of team and individual contact sports. For more information, visit:

About A7FL: Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, the American 7s Football League is the largest full contact, tackle football league in the United States that plays without hard pads or helmets.  The goal of the A7FL is to save one of America’s favorite sports by fixing the way players tackle without sacrificing the physicality of the game all football fans love. In the A7FL we have seen the practical elimination of repetitive non-concussive hits such as those that occur with helmet to helmet football. We believe the A7FL platform provides a modern model for the continued existence of football nationally but also the ultimate expansion of American 7s football internationally. The A7FL has now joined forces with the New Jersey Institute of Technology and i1Biometrics Vector technology to study TBI and CTE as it relates to the “concussion” crisis in American football. The objective of the A7FL TBI study is to generate empirical evidence that removing helmets and hard pads reduces concussions and drastically reduces CTE and TBI related injury. For more information, visit:

2016 Week 2 Report

Week 1 had all the makings of a great weekend but was overshadowed with controversy. Just a few days prior to kick off news broke that both the U and the Cardinals were being removed from the schedule and it nearly shook the entire league. The U are defending back-to-back champs and we heard from both sides of the coin. Those who wanted them to play, those who didn’t want them to play and everything in between.

Despite the issues leading up to the inaugural weekend of A7FL’s eleventh season the sun shined and the games were played. Despite heavy snow / rain / wind in the forecast we got a fairly decent day as the teams laced their cleats and went to war.

Kicking things off with BIC who are looking to get back to the Chip after their devastating loss to the U in 2014 and they started off their 2016 campaign against an Animals team that prior to the start of the game were adamant that this was a different team and that there was no chance of a victory for BIC. With plenty of rumors swirling that The U would take their talents across the city to their Silk City cohorts that turned out not to be the case in week 1 and it was shown with a 26 – 0 victory for BIC. Both teams came out flat footed on the offensive side of the ball. Tyree McQueen didn’t do much to silence the critics with a subpar performance as the teams signal caller missing several wide open receivers or just overthrowing his intended targets. Plenty of disorganization rocked several drives for BIC as well as false start penalties are becoming a thing in A7 after nearly a decade of them always being a reset and it cost them drives. Despite all of that BIC was able to get things going in the second half starting with a Punt Return for a TD by Obi who made three defenders look foolish, a TD Pass to Smoke late in the 2nd half and a fake reverse taken to the house by Courage to seal the fate.

For the Animals they did something I was not expecting them to do and that was to take the ball out of their best players hands. I have been highly critical of Skoob since he started last season but that was from a running back position. Looking at the tape you can see he has tons of speed and the ability to make people miss when he has the ball in his hands. The majority of the time his success came from behind center where the ball started and ended with him. In this one they moved him out wide for a good portion of the game and their QB just couldn’t get him the ball. Defensively the Animals made some pretty nice plays, making big hits and stopping drives before they could really get started. But in the end it was the BIC experience that was able to finish off what started off to be a very good game in the first half.

No one really talks about him but he was my MVP runner-up last season. If it weren’t for Alex Vargas doing what he did Corey Hammond would easily be the next man in line. The MVP stands for Most Valuable Player and although Keith Morrison proves to be a major catalyst for that team Corey is turning some heads getting his playmakers the ball. Playing against the Bullies in week 1 Hammond and company carved up a pretty inept defense scoring four times (although the last one shouldn’t have counted due to Illegal Touching). Hammond has some of the best pocket control in the league never has his eyes on the defensive line and slides with his protection like no one else. The Warriors will be sneaky specifically if they can continue to get the ball to their play makers Matt and Keith. They still have some issues with the running game as neither Ishola or #23 are all that fast but with the experience they both bring to the position the Warriors should be just fine. Across the line this team can be pretty scary for a good majority of teams. From Huskies players Alan Sparks & Teddy Slay are monsters on the defensive line and Saul I’ve talked about at nauseam and that doesn’t even refer to the other key veterans like Bobby Newman or Rich Agosto.

The Bullies looked pretty bad. Another Beef team that has decided to bring back a squad without a legit QB. Not sure if it was the QBs issue or if it was the line who failed to give them any time but this team went back and forth several times with different people trying to get things going. In the only moments where the QB did have time though they weren’t very accurate which makes me believe they were a combination of both. Despite their woes on the offensive side their defense led by hard hitting line backer White Mike #13 was the highlight of their squad. Mike was literally all over the field made arguably two of the biggest hits on the entire day and made sure on both Special Teams and Defense that the Warriors regret they went his way.

Despite the Chiefs vs. Savage being labeled as the game of the week it was the Rebels vs. Spanktown that took the spotlight in their thrilling 21 – 20 game. Spanktown came out on top but not without some stress as they allowed a late TD after a poor offensive drive with less than two minutes left in the game. We talked about him last week but Robert Brown showed out and was a nuisance on both the offensive side and the defensive side of the ball making plays when his team needed it the most. But for some reason there were plenty of times where Mr. Brown was no where to be found, which isn’t very good for a star player like him.

For the Rebels they surprised many. They had some unbelievable plays and the addition of Fweez at DE is a great look for when him and Steve Knight get on the same page. The two headed monster of Berto and Keelz needs to get sured up though as plenty of times we noticed that one of the other player could or should have been the guy instead of the other one. But their one, two punch of speed, agility and the ability to get the ball down field is going to be a problem for many teams. In fact, the Rebels are a RB and a WR away from being a pretty solid contender.

Interview with NJ Chiefs Week 1 2016

The Chiefs ended a remarkable 2015 season in the Beef Bowl but that didn’t stop them from creating an even more remarkable offseason with the addition of at least four known superstars and probably many more to go with their already star studded staff. I sat down with captain Andrew Pallotto Jr. to discuss the ending of Beef Bowl 10, their offseason and his thoughts on 2016:

Q: The Chiefs are a historic franchise that have made it  to the top in just a few seasons, which can’t be said for many teams. With that in mind, what was your teams mindset going into that championship game against the U last season?

A: THE U is definitely the best team we played all year. Of course you go into a championship game thinking your going to win but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. THE U has so much depth there 2nd and 3rd Stringers can be starters on any townbeef team. They just flat out came and smacked us in the mouth from jump. Martinez going down really early had us leaning on the pass game too much and of course the weather didn’t help. When facing the U you need to have a set game plan and follow through with it, they are back to back champions for a reason. I don’t see any reason why we shouldnt see them again in the same standards but we will see.

Q: There have only been a handful of teams to even make it to the Beef Bowl let alone win one. Knowing how close you were to doing so, what’s next for you and the Chiefs?

A:  I’m here to win games and get my first CHIP with my brothers. We have this sour taste in our mouth and it’s not a good one. All offseason long all you see on our private page is “our time” or “revenge”. What are you going to expect from the 2k16 Chiefs well, you are going to get this chip on shoulder, hate my own mother, nitty gritty, punch you in the mouth type of football. Everyone knows our style of play but expect it to be at higher level this season.

Q:  You’ve made some big additions this year that we know about and probably plenty more we don’t know about. What was the process to getting guys like ST, Isack, Levine and Terry to boost both your already potent defense and high powered offense?

A: By a very large margin St has been my favorite player in beef since I met the dude when he was a young and talented Bomber. I’m still puzzled how a guy with his talent is not in the league. But he always told me “Dru before I walk I’m going to Chief up” and this so happens to be the season. For Levine and Issac well who wouldn’t play With BIG MO? Have you seen what Mo has done? Being involved in rotation with LOC and Tori. Personally for me Isaac is unblockable and is destined to be the best that’s ever done it. Levine’s just a fucking animal, he’s a scary sight and it’s going to be fun watching all these guys just smack people around LOL. As far as Terry, look who’s going to get the ball to him, Vargas! Vargas’ ability alone just draws talent towards him. But Terry is a special kind of reciever and he’s going to put up big numbers plus he’s a scumbag so that fits our criteria well. We have a few more moves in store that we made but those we keep quiet for now, But our biggest Move this year is Mayweather “Primetime” you are going to see how talented this kid is this season.

Q: You’ve not only been an influential leader to your own ball club but to your community as well. Tell us what it is that makes you so connected to Union City?

A: When you grow up in Union City it’s a small town but a real tight town. A lot of us grow up without the perfect kind of life. I try to make a difference in my city because now that I’m a man looking back I see where I went wrong, I see my mistakes and I don’t want anyone to go thru that. Main reason why I coach is to play that fatherly role in a kids life that don’t have it so they know what it is like to be taught by someone. I didn’t have that when I was young, everything I learned, I did it on my own with my moms by my side. Best feeling in the world is to have a kid you coached grow up and say “coach you are the best coach I ever had”. That means the world to me. And now that I have 2 sons  I make sure I guide them correctly and be the father I never had. Union City is where my heart is at, fundraisers, charity anything for this town. Best part about it is even the CHIEFS are starting to give back in events. I give back to where I came from cuz that’s what’s the right thing to do when you are coming from the bottom.

NJ Savage Week 1 2016 Scouting Report

The camp in Savage town is always difficult to break as they are often very quiet about whats going on behind closed doors but following a loss as Boom Beach in the Fall Chip to BIC they went back to the drawing board as well. From what we know for sure is that they brought back a few pieces that had once donned the orange and white years ago including Bigga who is very dynamic offensive player at QB and HB and we know they still have several former Bomber players despite not knowing who is actually relocating themselves to South Beach. Of course lets not forget the pieces from Boom Beach that decided to restart the Cardinals. Due to issues with league management we could see the boys in red make their return to the Orange sooner than later. Olay, Quentin and Arce still control a very fast, very dominate defense while RF1  and QBell still lead a lethal offensive game plan. Despite the question marks outside of their organization Matt Brown and Waldy Mendez have always put together a competitive team on the field and this season shall be no different.

The Animals return to the field yet again with plenty of their own question marks. Led by a very smart Santisteban family the Animals have always been one of the more competitive teams in the league. Another team hailing out of the Silk City the Animals have never really been able to put it together like their brothers from The U. Although they have plenty of talent on the squad including Rookie of the Year Loopside the team just doesn’t have the big names that are needed to truly be a contender. With a lot of talk that several members of the U will be playing for the Animals this year due to issues with league management the Animals may have just acquired some of the pieces that can make them a cavalcade to the Chip.

Despite the Fall Chip, there aren’t many people out there that feel like BIC can actually turn their fall championship into one for the Spring. The team that is two years removed from the Beef Bowl was seconds away from returning again if not for a tipped pass, perfect placement, and one hell of a play by one of the leagues best receivers. All that aside it isn’t the play that people point to but the leadership on the field that has been criticized heavily by former players of the team and others as to the reason the team will never get it done. The team returns their entire offense intact including Tyree, Smoke, Troy, Chris Jones, Courage and added explosive weapons Jamie Melendez, CP3 and Debo from the Wolfpack to the squad. Defensively the team will bring to the table stud defensive end Kwack, Semi Pro LB / Safety Kenneth Tippet and others to a star studded defense led by Antlyve and Kenny. Regardless of the noise outside of the club, distractions will be pushed aside and their mission is to silence the critics.

Interview with NJ U Week 1 2016

Finally, The U. After this weeks bombshell news that the U won’t be present on the field come Sunday I had a chance to talk with both Marcus and Bates about their future and what it means for other teams who will “escape the bullet” of fending off the two-time defending champs.

Q: There has been plenty of teams who have dominated in years past and then either weren’t in the league or weren’t the same anymore that can easily mark the year someone else won with an asterisk? Can we predict a similar outcome if the U is really not able to make it on the field?

A: (Marcus) In my honest opinion the only way another team  will win this year is if we aren’t in it. Teams get better every year but we’re also getting better. We know that we have a target on our backs so it only makes sense to make off season upgrades just like everyone else. If for some reason we don’t make it on the field it wouldn’t be the first time, we took a season off as the wrecking crew and came back better than ever. if there is no U, next up would either be Savage, BIC, Chiefs in no particular order.

Q: What is it that makes the U so powerful? You have been at the top of this league for many years and have finally gotten over the hump with back-to-back championships. What is in the drinking water in Paterson that makes you continuously the leagues best?

A: (Marcus) Chemistry, we’ve been playing 11 on 11 street football before A7FL existed. We move like a well oiled machine with interchangeable parts. I think we finally put the right pieces in the right places. I’m not the best in the league, the MVP is the best player. I do whatever is needed to win.

A: (Bates) What makes us so powerful is the depth we have at multiply position our second and third stringers can do the same as the first team guys. We trust and hold people accountable that’s what separates us from others.

Q: Every team has them but what about the U. What are some of the tricks you have up your sleeves this season?

A: (Marcus) No tricks, just a fast, physical, and tenacious defense countered by a high flying fast paced offense.

A: (Bates) Do you believe in magic?

Q: There has been rumors that you are stepping off the field Bates. Any particular reason you are making that decision? If last season was any indicator it shows that you still have a lot left in the tank.

A: (Bates) I’m done playing. My body is getting old and I have other things in the works now that has taken my focus  and I always have something in the tank at 65 percent.

Q: Marcus, in a league full of pure athletes what is it that makes you go?

A: (Marcus) I’m a fierce competitor and I hate losing. Those two things mixed with confidence in myself and my abilities pretty much fuels me every Sunday.

Week 1 2016 Predictions

With all the noise behind us, lets look forward to the 2016 season with our week 1 predictions.

Brothers in Christ vs. Silk City Animals

 BIC is poised to tell the critics to shut it with their offseason predictions of where the team is and where it can be. A lot of criticism has rained down on the shoulders of QB Tyree “Fitz” McQueen and respectively it in some instances is deserved. For years McQueen has been on of the leagues best players but after a nasty achilles injury the same year The U made their first run to the Chip has made him second guess his abilities on the field and for that he has been seen to make a few mistakes. Unlike CJ who never had a problem quieting his huddle where their were too many Chiefs and not enough Indians McQueen has not controlled the voices both in his head and in his ear yet and its one of those things he will need to get done if he plans on taking this team to the Championship. While the BIC offense hasn’t changed much it’s the defense that will see several new faces including Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate Kwack replacing Andrew Levine on the outside and NJ Wolves product Kenneth Tippet to lead the charge with Defensive MVP Ron Clerc aka Primetime and Ol Skool. CP3 and Jamie Melendez will help this team big time on both the offensive and the defensive side of the ball including Special Teams as Jamie is one of the most explosive kick returners we have in this league. On the other side of the ball the Animals are coming for blood. When no one thought they had a chance against this same team this time last year they silenced some of their doubters jumping out to a quick 14 – 0 lead before losing it and the game. The Animals are not short of speed as Offensive Rookie of the Year Loopside is one of the more dynamically speedy players with the ball in his hands. He knows how to hit a hole and has the vision to get to the second level before you can blink, all things BIC is going to need to keep an eye on. The loss of Dwan Williams to the Savage is going to be a big challenge for the Animals who are going to need to find someone who can go up and get the ball like he can when it’s in the air and if they are able to do that their speed on the offensive side of the ball is going to cause fits for BIC. The issue with the Animals is that they lack any real size on either side of the line and are susceptible of taking a loss or giving up big chunks of yards because of that which will give a major advantage for BIC. In the end there is going to be a ton of question marks as to which Animals team shows up on Sunday. They will either be the Animals that we know and will fight but probably come up short or they will be The U and some of the Animals players who banked on playing time this offseason may not get it but have a very good chance of winning this game. Going off of what we know about either team as of today and not worrying about what the Animals bring with themselves to the field on Sunday, BIC should be able to put this game behind them pretty quickly. Their size and speed is unmatched on the other side of the ball for the most part and that is going to cause issues. Despite all of that there is no way this Animals team just lays down, they never have and never will. 28 – 14 BIC.


New Jersey Bullies vs. Purple City Warriors

 There isn’t enough known about what the Bullies are going to bring to the table to know what this game can truly bring. From information and news that we know the Bullies have brought back a veteran QB who has a strong arm and the ability to move the ball down the field. But if it’s the QB that I think it is he does often throw side arm which in this league can be pretty dangerous specifically against a very smart veteran club like the Warriors. They do have a wide receiver with a ton of potential to be Rookie of the Year this season in Isaiah Trawick who from all reports plays much bigger than his size actually dictates and if he can get the ball into his hands will be a real threat in this league. On the other side of the ball the merge of the Warriors and Thrashers is going to cause a lot of problems for a lot of teams. Corey Hammond is a real deal QB with a ton of Beef experience, he has a ton of weapons around him including both Morrison and Washington and now with the addition of the Thrashers like Bobby Newman and Kevin Ishola they could put together a really formidable offense. Defensively, Big Angry and Jonathan Soltis with Coffman and Saul Cruz makes for both a defense with power and speed. Saul is one of the most underrated defenders in the game if he is positioned correctly. As a DE there is almost no one in this league that gets lower than he does. Not overly fast or overly strong to speed around guys or rush through them his game comes from his body control and the ability to get low to the ground where the fat linemen in front of him cannot and once he gets around that corner it’s game over for the opposing QB. From what I understand these two teams faced each other this offseason in a scrimmage and the Warriors came out on top heavily and there is nothing that points in any other direction at this point. It will be fun to see how this new merged dynamic actually plays together but there is too much intelligence and talent on either side of the ball for them to falter in this one. Warriors take this one pretty easy 26 – 7.


New Jersey Rebels vs. Spanktown Boys

 At this point it’s pretty much safe to say that the Rebels are a storied franchise. Once being a part of the Chiefs organization many of their players decided to start their own squad hailing out of Union City. Led by Frank Escobar the team has been one of the quietly tougher teams in the league to compete against. Always a contender for the playoffs but never a contender to upset the top four teams in the league the Rebels have always put together respectable seasons and have never lessened their fight against any team regardless of who was on the team or who was going up against them. 2016 is sure to be no different than it ever has been before. With the addition of a few Geek Squad members and even the two time champ Jim McKnight leadership for the Rebels is kicking it to the next level. A defense led by one of the hardest hitting defenders in the game Steve Knight is sure to continue to set the tone for a defense that is looking to prove it is not afraid of anyone. Question marks on the offensive side of the ball, however, have us wondering what team will actually show up. Dynamic with the ball in his hand Keelz is set to be the QB for the Rebels but with from Geeks QB Berto also on the roster there could be a two QB system in the works here which may be a problem. On the other hand Spanktown is looking to come in and make a name for themselves pretty quickly. Led by a super star QB / WR combo Spanktown in Marcel Chapman and Robert Brown respectively is going to look to put the ball into the air early and often to set the tone against a team that doesn’t have the best of secondaries. Upfront though is where the true stars of Spanktown are as both Ruben Pierre and Tyler Schulz are difference makers on both sides of the line. Schulz has a rare combination of both power and speed off the ball and can make even the leagues best offensive linemen miss if he makes the right move. One of the more solid units for Spanktown is going to come out of their secondary as defensive backs Darius Pearson and Christopher Crossman are both strong willed DBs with solid footwork and technique and will do what they can to cause issues for the Rebels receivers. The issue that I am having with calling this game is the legs of Keelz behind center. Not to be overly critical but he often times makes mistakes when trying to throw the ball down field as it usually either misses the target completely or goes into the hands of the defense but Keelz has some of the most unique wheels in the game and if there is anything key to his playing ability is that he is smart enough to take OFF when he needs to. His speed and agility tied to his elusiveness makes him one of the more dangerous players in the league and if he can add an accurate arm and the ability to keep his eyes down field to find the open receiver he could be a superstar. In the end I think the lack of size and talent in the secondary for the Rebels is going to be a major issue. Rumors are surfacing that a former Bomber may be suiting up for the Maroon and Red but he plays DLine which will certainly give Spanktown problems to stopping one of the leagues best pass rushes if the rumors are true. But if Spanktown can block for just three seconds giving Chapman enough time to get the ball out of his hands it may be too much for the Rebels to overcome. With that said the game should remain a close one and will probably go down to who can complete their extra point(s) chances. Spanktown 14 – 12


Game of the Week: Union City Chiefs vs. South Boom Beach

 If you have read through this entire thing you know this is a no brainer for the game of the week. First, it’s scheduled to be the 8pm game under the lights and thats of course for good reason. These two teams have a heralded history both in this league and against each other. They may have much respect for each other off the field but once they get on the field they absolutely hate each other. Both of these squads are coming off devastating losses in their respective championship games with the Chiefs losing in Beef Bowl 10 and the Savage losing the crown in the Fall but neither of them are going to let that bother them at all. In fact the first five minutes of the game should show you how much either of those games have an impact on their goals for 2016. The Chiefs are one of the most intriguing clubs in the entire league. For many years they were consistently sitting outside of the top 6 – 8 teams and either just barely making the playoffs or missing it altogether. Today, they are one of the top four powerhouses that plan to take A7 to the next level. With the MVP behind Center Alex Vargas really came into his own last season. He rarely makes mistakes with the ball, has the ability to move down field when he needs to take off and has the ability to move the pocket like no one else. A strong arm to get the ball to stand out receiver Eazy last season really helped turn the corner for the veteran signal caller to the point he was crowned MVP in 2015. Jesse Martinez continues to dominate the ground and pound game as one of the most lethal running backs this league has ever seen. Loc, Big Mo, Lambert, Tori Gibbs and Debray all are lock down defenders in their respective positions that make this time one of the most stacked in the league. All of that said and we haven’t even mentioned the addition of ST at Safety / WR, Andrew Levine at DE and Terry Roland at WR. ST and Roland give Vargas two more weapons to go with Eazy and Red that he already has. Threats on the outside that run clean crisp routes and have hands for days. A defensive line that consists of Levine, Mo & Loc with Gibbs and Lambert at LB also makes for one of the leagues best defensive units. Lets not get it twisted though as Savage made some moves of their own that are going to keep themselves in the conversation as one of the leagues best. The return of Isack to a defensive line that already has Quentin, Olay and Arce makes them just as dynamic as their week 1 opponent. Question marks as to who their QB is going to be as no confirmation has been set to it being RF1 or Rob Crawford to this point both of them possess completely different skill sets and both will have completely different outcomes to this game. In the Fall Championship it was clear that the Savage offensive line was still an issue and that Crawford was going to have a lot of trouble getting the ball off and that was definitely the case as he threw a pick and several under thrown or overthrown balls as he was trying to get rid of the ball with the rush in his face. Crawford was inevitably replaced by RF1 in the second half before he took a wicked shot from Primetime to knock him out of competition and ST took over. With ST now rocking the chiefs colors there is going to be no one to really effectively back up Crawford if he gets in a jam. Despite the uncertainty at QB the Savage still possess one of the best offensive units in the game with Qbell out there tearing shit up. If Boom Beach is still intact look for Michael Knight and Bigga to split time running the rock in a thunder and lighting situation and Big White at TE as they try to keep the Chiefs guessing what their offensive approach is going to be. This game is the best of the week and for very good reason both teams have high powered offenses, strong-willed relentless defenses, history beyond their years and a family first mentality. The winner of this game is going to prove that the last time you saw them on the field was not a fluke and they are going to set the tone for the reason the league. Even though there is uncertainty as to who will be running the Savage offense on Sunday Night I don’t think it will really matter as the Chiefs proved last year that they are the real deal and the additions they make have them ready to strike down every opponent on their schedule. Regardless of who is on the field or who isn’t this game is going to be a slobberknocker of epic proportions and much like every other game of this magnitude will come down to the wire. 21 – 20 Chiefs.