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Internships With The A7FL

So You want to Learn About the sports world?

The A7FL is expanding to develop American 7s brand of football across the United States and internationally.

We are proud to announce the development of the A7FL Internship Program providing opportunities for college students and those looking to expand their network and experience in the sports management and entertainment field. We welcome passionate and hard working individuals that are looking to get hands on with a football team in your area (team internships available in NJ, PA, MD, VA, DC) or even the league offices. Below are some of the internship openings we have open:

Internship Opportunities

  • Game Day Announcers
  • Videography / Video Production
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design / Web Design
  • Social Media / League Reporter
  • Team Stat Keeping / League Stat Organizing
  • Sports Medicine / Physical Trainer / Athletic Trainer
  • Team Management
  • Sponsorship Sales (Commissions Paid for Sales Generated)

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