The American 7s Football League is the largest, no pads, tackle football league in the United States. Our goal is to save America's favorite sport by fixing the way players tackle without sacrificing the physicality of the game football fans all love. Opening day for 2016 will be April 3rd. We're looking forward to another action packed year in the A7FL!

  • A Safer Game?

    See what the experts have to say.

    A7FL is part of the national discussion on football helmets, and related traumatic brain injury such as CTE.  Learn about what the A7FL does to improve the game.

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  • Players 2016

    2016 Season

    Athletes register now to be a part of the nations largest no pads tackle football league. Join the A7FL movement at any level and be a part of the American 7's Football future.

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  • 2015 Coverage

    A7FL's 2015 season in review

    A7FL TV official news show of the American 7's Football League featuring commentary, news, and action from around the league.   We have been covered by ABC, CBS, Forbes, and Sporting News to name a few media outlets.

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  • Teams

    A7FL National Expansion

    A7FL has teams in locations from Long Island New York, Central New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, and expansion teams including Texas, Florida, and new teams forming.

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Football Insiders Are Saying

"Get rid of the facemask"

"I've been saying for 15 years we ought to get rid of the facemask," Joe Paterno said on his weekly conference call. "Then you go back to shoulder blocking, shoulder tackling, and you wouldn't have all those heroes out there."


"Take the mask off"

"I said a long time ago if you want to change the game take the mask off the helmet," Mike Ditka told a gathering of reporters on Wednesday in Pittsburgh. "It will change the game a lot. If you want to change the game and get it back to where people aren't striking with the head and using the head as a weapon, take the mask off the helmet."

NBC Sports

"Take the helmet off"

"If you want to prevent concussions, take the helmet off: Play old-school football with the leather helmets, no facemask," Hines Ward said. "When you put a helmet on you're going to use it as a weapon, just like you use shoulder pads as a weapon."

NBC Sports

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