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We’re proud to announce the A7FL has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine.  As a fan and supporter, you’re a key part of the A7FL, and now you can invest and own equity in the league you love.


  1. SUPERIOR PRODUCT: Safer but still exciting full contact football, the most valuable US professional sport

  2. HUGE TRACTION: 5 successful seasons, 20 teams, 500K+ social media followers, 100M+ video views, local & national press coverage

  3. TOP TIER PARTNERS: Growing relationships with Twitch, Facebook Watch, and ELEVEN Sports (cable and satellite TV)

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128 teams in markets across the country

Through five seasons of A7FL football, we’ve seen our content reach over a combined 100M people on social media and our social media accounts attract more than 500K followers.

We have secured key partnerships with distributors including Twitch, Facebook Watch, and ELEVEN Sports (cable and satellite TV), and for 2020 have added our first outbound sponsorship sales agency and are negotiating with Minor League Baseball teams to hold baseball-football doubleheaders (multiple dates tentatively confirmed) to capitalize on our shared fan bases, leverage their stadiums’ production capabilities and maximize joint revenue streams.

In addition to our 16 Northeast teams, we are poised to add a San Diego division for a total of 20 teams this season. In the next five years, we plan to scale the A7FL. We envision teams across the country, including successful minor league baseball markets, retaining the local component of our league that our fans absolutely love.

With this 10-fold increase in the number of games each season, the A7FL will continue to leverage its strong social media presence to create bona fide stars out of our top players.

We also plan to be able to franchise our top 32 teams and capitalize on partnerships in gambling, fantasy and e-sports to further build our brand.


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