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Our Football Player Safety

Keeping Players and Staff Safe During COVID

The A7FL’s #1 priority is safety and in doing so, we continue to follow CDC and local health department guidelines as we move into the 2021 season. The COVID protocol developed and used during the 2020 Tournament enabled American 7s to be the first football league back in action and the testing regimen enabled by presenting sponsor Salus proved successful: the risk to players was mitigated, there were smaller numbers of positive COVID tests each week (including none on Sunday), and no outbreaks. “Thanks to our COVID protocols, players, and partner Salus, we were able to play our sport of American 7s Football with very little disruption,” said A7FL CEO Sener Korkusuz. “We not only showcased our league and our amazing athletes but demonstrated a unique model of how full-contact sports like football can return to play.”

The A7FL Back in Motion Tournament Presented by Salus proved to the world that American 7’s football was ready to come back and come back strong and we are prepared for the 2021 full season.

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Field and Game Play

A7FL football is played 7 versus 7 on a 120×40 yard field whereas traditional 11 versus 11 American football is played on a 120×53.33 yards.

By shrinking the width of the field, defenses are able to run multiple zone
coverages while linebackers can dial up a haunting mix of blitz packages. Offenses can be creative with an exciting mix of run and pass plays.

Our field measurements have proven successful in over 10+ years of live game play following the American 7s Football format in the A7FL.

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A7FL Rules

Exciting Game Play

Offensive Flexibility

5 players are eligible to touch the ball on offense while the other 2 are required to line up in the center of the formation as linemen. You will see traditional style sets like pistol, wishbone, I-formation, and spread but you will also see other variations and creative sets. Below are just a few examples but more formations are possible

Accelerated Game Play


American 7s Football keeps it moving! The QB starts with the ball in his hand and uses a standard cadence consisting of 3 words. For example: “DOWN, SET, GO” The offense can move on either down, set or go. If an offensive player flinches or jumps before the call, it’s a reset. If a defensive player jumps he also has the opportunity to get back. The play will not be blown dead unless it has to for the safety of an offensive player or if someone has left early giving the offense an unfair advantage.
This prevents delays in the game. In traditional football, a play would be blown dead, an explanation would be given to the crowd, yards get marched off, and the offense has to huddle again. In the A7FL game, this delay is eliminated keeping the fans locked into the game.

Paterson U vs DC Buzz (On time)

June 2, 2024
Baltimore, MD (Reedbird)

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