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American 7s Football League Sponsorship Opportunities

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential with A7FL Sponsorship

Join the A7FL Revolution

Elevate your brand to new heights by partnering with the A7FL, the dynamic force reshaping football and sports entertainment. As an A7FL sponsor, you’ll unlock unparalleled opportunities to engage with our vibrant audience, composed of the Millennial, Gen-X, extreme sports, and pop culture demographics.

Why Choose A7FL Sponsorship?

Targeted Audience Reach

A7FL’s viral content and highlights generate over 200M impressions each year! Captivate the coveted Millennial and Gen-X demographics as your brand takes center stage. With 76% of A7FL viewers falling between 18 and 34, and a significant 43% within the 18-24 bracket, your brand will resonate powerfully with the audience you seek.

Premium TV & Digital Exposure

Associate your brand with A7FL’s electrifying content, reaching millions through diverse digital platforms. From our robust social media presence boasting over 850K followers across TikTok, Instagram/Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to our viral highlights on WaveTV and ESPN SportsCenter, your ads and promos gain unprecedented visibility.

Multi-Platform Presence

Harness the strength of multi-platform exposure as over 85% of A7FL users engage through mobile and OTT devices. Your brand receives comprehensive promotion across all A7FL channels: desktop, mobile website, OTT apps, OTA (Over-The-Air), and A7FL TV, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Make Your Mark with A7FL

Step into the limelight and let your brand shine alongside the A7FL phenomenon. Complete the form below to express your interest in A7FL sponsorship, and unlock a world of brand-enhancing possibilities.

Join forces with A7FL and elevate your brand’s visibility and engagement to unprecedented levels. Let’s embark on an exciting journey together.

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