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When does the season begin, how long does it go?

The season begins yearly in March with a National Championship in July. 2 to 3 LIVE Games of the Week are produced throughout the season and accessible via TV, streaming, and connected devices. Multiple games per division are played every Sunday during the season.

How can I watch games this season?

You will be able to watch games in multiple ways this season on TV and Online. You can watch games this season through Twitch, Facebook Live, Wave.TV. and other options to be announced. You can also catch A7FL Nation weekly highlight episodes on Facebook. Bookmark for on-demand highlights and games.

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Where are teams located?

Currently, for 2024 we have 36 teams competing in 10 divisions, and playing in New Jersey – Baltimore, MD – Orlando, FL – Los Angeles, CA – Las Vegas, NV – Boston, MA – Cincinnati, OH – Columbus, OH – Indianapolis, IN, and Washington, DC. In 2023 we look to add 4 additional divisions in 4 entirely new states.

Is the ball bigger than a normal football because it looks like it?

No, it’s actually the same size the NFL uses; it may just appear larger since it is white. Buy now at

This doesn’t look safe, are there more injuries in the A7FL than the NFL?

It’s actually safer specifically in drastically reducing repetitive head impacts seen in traditional football. By removing the helmets and hard-shell pads, players no longer use their heads on hit after hit. In a study of the brains of 111 former NFL players, 110 of them were found to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease that has been shown to result from repeated blows to the head.

How are the A7FL rules different than the NFL?

The A7FL plays 7-on-7 with a field size is 100 x 37 yards. The narrower field width increases the pace of the action with fewer men on the field making for vicious hits while the 100-yard length maintains the grind. We play 4 quarters, 15-minutes each. The quarterback has 4 eligible targets with 2 down linemen. Offenses can run bone or pistol, and there are no blitz restrictions for the defense. We also do a 3-on-1  throw-off instead of a kick-off. Touchdowns are worth 6 points. After a team scores, they will need to complete either a 1 point conversion (5-yard line) or a 2 point conversion (10-yard line). We do not kick field goals, this isn’t soccer. Check out the complete A7FL RULES.


How can I play in the A7FL?

Teams are forming now with the season starting in April and running through July to the National Championship. Check out our REGISTRATION PAGE HERE and see if you have what it takes to play in the A7FL.

  • Must be 18 years or older and not in High School
  • You must sign our injury waiver, concussion protocol document, and a release that acknowledges you’re images, video, and sounds could appear on Television and or Digital networks
  • Available to play on Sundays (and possibly Saturdays depending on Division)

Is there compensation, do I get paid?

A Grand Prize is awarded to the National Championship winning team.

Will there be tryouts or a camp??

Yes, there will be two camp days within each division with every player be recorded for a long toss (3 attempts), 40-yard dash, vertical jump, shuttle run, and broad jump. In addition, the camp will include pass skelly drills, live but controlled scrimmages, orientation for tackling and contact as well as a full review of the A7FL rules. It is mandatory that every player attend at least one day of camp including returning players. All CDC and local safety protocols for COVID will be in place to ensure players and staff are safe. See our full Player Safety Page Here.

How do I get picked for a team?

Free Agents will be picked during the A7FL Draft on February 25, 2021.

Can a player wear a mask while playing?

Yes. This will remain an option for players at this time unless CDC or local guidelines change. The A7FL’s #1 priority is safety and in doing so, we continue to follow CDC and local health department guidelines as we move into the 2021 season. The COVID protocol developed and used during the 2020 Tournament enabled American 7s to be the first football league back in action and the testing regimen enabled by presenting sponsor Salus proved to be successful. See our full Player Safety Page Here.

Potential Investors in the A7FL

How do I find out about owning an A7FL team?

We have an aggressive expansion plan that includes team ownership, if you’re interested in this we would love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more and fill out our contact form.

What other ways can I invest?

Our last round of investment is now closed.  Please join our newsletter list (bottom right) in order to get notified of future A7FL investment opportunities.

Can you explain how I get my money back?

Compliance best practice is for us to mention that once A7FL generates sufficient profits, we may consider issuing dividends to shareholders. There are a few routes an investor can consider for potential returns on investment with A7FL including IPO, acquisition, dividends, and secondary markets like StartEngine.

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