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A7FL® Advisory Board Adds Anthony Bailey, Managing Director of ASER Media US/Eleven Sports and For The Fans (FTF)

The American 7s Football League® (A7FL), pioneering no-helmets, no-pads, full-contact tackle football, today announced the addition of sports media executive Anthony Bailey to the league’s advisory board. Bailey currently serves as the Managing Director of Aser Media US/Eleven Sports and For the Fans (FTF) and has held numerous senior positions across the sports media industry, notably as Vice President of Emerging Technologies for ESPN, where he won 4 Emmy awards.

Bailey will primarily focus efforts on audience growth, partnerships, and exploring new platforms to maximize viewership. “This is another exciting step in the right direction for American 7s Football,” says A7FL CEO Sener Korkusuz, “Anthony’s media experience and broad overview of the sports industry will help us expand our audience and turbocharge the league’s growth.”

“I’m thrilled to add Anthony to our team,” says A7FL President Ryan DePaul, “Working with him on our new series “A7FL in Motion” and planning for our return to live play, I’ve seen his commitment to helping the league connect with more fans than ever before.”

Bailey joins UFC co-founder David Isaacs and MLB executive Ken Lehner in his new Advisory Board position. “Anthony has a lot to contribute to our league-wide expansion efforts,” remarks Board Chairman Isaacs, “He brings unique sports expertise and vision and we’re thrilled to add him to our growing cadre of senior advisors. Welcome!”

“The A7FL is uniquely positioned to embrace technologies that help connect communities, promoting and protecting football for fans and athletes.  I am excited to join such a growing league”, says Anthony Bailey.

About A7FL: The American 7s Football League (A7FL) was created to make full-contact tackle football safer while retaining the toughness and excitement that fans love. A7FL teams compete 7-on-7 without helmets or hard-shell pads — significantly reducing concussions and other repetitive head impacts — while demonstrating amazing athleticism and creating countless viral video highlights. Founded in 2014 by CEO Sener Korkusuz and President Ryan DePaul, the league has grown to 20 teams and over 500K social media followers and recently added UFC® Co-Founder David Isaacs to its ranks. The A7FL can be seen on Eleven Sports, Facebook® Watch and Twitch. For more information, call 561-877-0992, email or visit

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