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A7FL Fall Brawl


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Register now for A7FL FALL BRAWL and receive a discount code to get $25 OFF* registration to play in the 2022 A7FL Season

You connected with us on Instagram, you’ve seen our highlights on, and you’ve watched our games on FITE or Fubo Sports Network. Now get ready to play in the A7FL – the nation’s most exciting, fastest-growing football league. Register now for the A7FL Fall Brawl, a 5-week November-December 2021 pre-season designed to prepare you for 7-on-7 tackle football without helmets or pads.


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Here’s What The A7FL FALL BRAWL Looks Like:


Each week players will be led by a small coaching staff that will lead the introduction to 7-on-7 play in the A7FL through structured practices, scrimmages, and ultimately, game-play.  Every session will be between 3 and 5 hours long and will start with a coach’s whistle at center-field followed by a brief description of the day’s events and then a warm-up session. Each week will finish with conditioning and a cool-down stretch.

WEEK 1 – Orientation

Players will gather at center-field, meet the coaching staff and be given an overview of what the A7FL is about, how 7-on-7 game-play differs from the traditional 11-on-11 football including offense and defense strategy.  This will be followed by players breaking into smaller groups and run through drills to start to put 7-on-7 skills into action.

WEEK 2 – Organizing Teams and Inner Squads

This is where teams and squads start coming together, chemistry starts to build and you put together the necessary pieces for productive scrimmages and games.

WEEK 3 – Controlled Scrimmages

The field will be split in half with players put into teams on each side. Here teams will run 10 plays on and 10 plays off without moving the ball.  Coaches will teach basic protections and defensive coverage common in the A7FL.  The A7FL game is fast and players need to be able to orchestrate blocking schemes, learn passing trees, and be able to audible quickly.

WEEKS 4 – 5

Full Games! This is what you were waiting for, get the real feel for A7FL wide-open football action.


Click Here to Register Now

Register now for A7FL FALL BRAWL and receive a discount code for $25 OFF* registration to play in the 2022 A7FL Season


*Applies to A7FL early-bird registration period for the 2022 season.

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