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Welcome to the A7FL – America’s Game

We’ve been hearing about it for a little over a year now. We’re just over 2 months away from America having another pro football league in the Spring. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, another spring league that’s bound to fail.” Many different organizations have tried, but there is a big difference with the A7FL. Unlike Vince McMahon’s XFL, Donald Trump’s USFL and the developmental UFL, NFL Europe and new NFL farm system FXFL, the A7FL has 10 years of this style of football under the belt that is tried and true. It’s unconventional, it’s unheard of. Some people say it’s down right crazy. “High level football with no pads or helmet? Are you kidding me?!?! You guys are nuts!!” No, we just call it the American 7’s Football League.

Hello, my name is Francis Plaise, head blogger for the A7FL. I’m not just any random blogger from the street that has never played the game of football before. I actually founded and captain’d the Rockland Rocboyz, the first New York team to play in the A7FL’s origins and farm system league, TownBeef Football League. TownBeef was a concept thought up by A7FL co-founder Ryan DePaul as a competitive outlet for players to showcase their skill with their hometown. The idea was to literally come with your town to play another town in a game of 7-on-7 football. When I started playing in this league in 2008, I thought it was the greatest thing since slice bread, and Ryan and co-founder Sener Korkusuz have stepped it up another notch with the professional version of an already awesome concept now called American 7s Football.

Okay, enough of all the background talk, let’s talk about the now! 8 teams are going to kick off the inaugural season of the A7FL. The Brooklyn Brawlers, New Jersey Bullies, Pennsylvania Outlawz, New York Empire, Virginia Revolution, Pennsylvania Immortals, Baltimore Cobras and South Jersey Mustangs are all trying to not only make an impression come March 21st, but they’re also trying to claim the right to be called A7FL Champions by the end of the season. Let’s break down some key moves a couple of the teams have made so far:

The biggest acquisition in my eyes is that of the New Jersey Bullies, who late in 2014 announced that their head coach will be Mujahaad “Moo Spitt” Myles, a veteran and 4x Beef Bowl Champion who was at the helm of all of those great South Ward Gators teams in the TBFL. They went young, picking up rookie Justin “Baby Gronk” Glennon at TE, but so far their biggest acquisition is the pick up of WR Keith Morrison. Morrison is a wide-out who has played on some low level teams in the league. The kid has skills and raw talent, but he hasn’t been able to showcase it yet with a lack of a good QB for him to throw the ball to. With Myles at HC, a good QB signing will be ideal for Morrison if he wants to make noise in the A7.

  • The Mustangs of South Jersey have been making a lot of moves, picking up some key players that instantly scream championship this early in the year. The biggest signing of the year for any team is the signing of potential League MVP, QB/ATH Shaune Thomas. You can put Thomas anywhere on the field and he will make an impact. I’ve seen him go from QB to WR to DE to S to LB to RB in the same game and be effective in every spot. Picking up Thomas was huge for the Mustangs and the pick up of Michael Knight is a great compliment. He is an effective RB/DB and will make noise from the first snap to the final whistle.
  • The Baltimore Cobras seem to have a “defense first” mentality, picking up two defenders from their developmental league champions. Derrell “Bone” Harris and Jawaun Lipscomb are two big additions for the Cobras, who will try to live up to their NFL counterpart Ravens and bring a dominant defense to the A7FL table.
  • Another team that went defense first was the New York Empire, picking up a monster at the Defensive End spot by the name of Andrew Levine. Levine, who recently played in Beef Bowl IX, is a freak at DE and will be a menace for offensive lineman for 60 minutes.

If you have never seen the A7FL, my suggestion is to watch some of the games at You will get an idea of the fast paced, hard hitting action you will see come March 21st and all season long as the inaugural season kicks off! The Brooklyn Brawlers travel to PA to take on the Outlaws, the Virginia Revolution head to Baltimore to play against the Cobras, the Immortals of Pennsylvania go toe to toe with Myles’ Bullies, and the NY Empire head down to South Jersey to go up against Thomas, Knight and the Mustangs. Good luck to all the teams in the A7FL and let’s get ready to watch “REAL AMERICAN FOOTBALL”!!!

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About the Author:

Francis Plaise, head blogger for the A7FL.  I’m not just any random blogger from the street that has never played the game of football before. I actually founded and captain’d the Rockland Rocboyz, the first New York team to play in the A7FL’s farm system.


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