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Every Level of Football Should Adopt This Version of Special Teams

The A7FL has created a unique replacement for kickoffs and punts called the 3 on 1 throw-off.  One would ask, how in the world could this be safer?  What could this thing actually look like?  Check out the A7FL 3 on 1 video below and we’ll continue to explain below.

The first obvious difference is you don’t have 22 guys on the field running full speed into each other.  In most cases you’ll find plenty of contact and vicious collisions between players that never reach the ball carrier.  The second but biggest problem is the blind side hits from the blockers.  Imagine running down the field focusing on the ball carrier and then boom, he changes direction.  Here comes the pain.  As you open your hips and body, your eyes still on the ball carrier, you can’t see the blockers up field waiting to take your head off.  Now your body is completely exposed and vulnerable while the opposing team is loading up for blindside blocks.  These collisions often lead to very serious injuries especially in youth football.

So what makes the 3 on 1 safer?  Eliminating the possibility of a crack back, blindside style blocking is perhaps the most important safety feature.  What about the 3 guys vs 1 ball carrier?  There are instances in football when receivers or backs break into the open field and are facing 3 on 1 situations but still manage to score and protect themselves on impact.  The fact is that the throwing team needs to break down and contain the ball carrier before even lining up a tackle.  One missed tackle on a throw-off could easily mean a score for the opposition.  A7FL teams usually put their best players on the return team which makes it very exciting.

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April 19, 2020

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