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Tamara Kaiser Joins A7FL Advisory Board

Get to know…Tamara Kaiser 

By Marlon LeWinter

As the A7FL expands, we’re excited to introduce some of the people who are working behind-the-scenes to help the A7FL accelerate its growth. Today our focus is on Tamara Kaiser, a new addition to our advisory board.

Currently, a consultant for Gatorade, DropLabs and other new media ventures, Tamara most recently served as Head of Media House at Red Bull, where she headed up the action sports-focused content studio, leading all aspects of scripted and unscripted development, production, audience development, programming, multi-platform distribution, operations, and communications.  Previously she worked on films such as Seven, A Bronx Tale, and From Dusk Till Dawn and at A+E Networks, where, as VP of Digital Content and Production, she oversaw digital programming across A+E’s multiple brands (A&E, Lifetime, History Channel, FYI, and Bio).

We sat down with Tamara to learn what she thinks she can bring to the A7FL and what’s in store for the future of the league.

Q: Why did you decide to join forces with the A7FL?

A: I’m excited about the A7FL. It’s young, fast, grass-roots, urban, dynamic, accessible, and fun. It combines the visceral action of tackle sports with the structure and strategy of football in a way that feels right for a new generation. I also appreciate the thoughtful approach to safety for the players. It’s amazing that taking away helmets and pads makes the game less dangerous; it also makes the play more personal – you can see the athletes’ faces and expressions, you’re right in there with them as they take the hits – it’s a whole different experience.

Q: What is it about the league that has that “it” factor?

A: The ” it” factors of the league for me are grit and irreverence. The athletes bring it to every game. They play hard, they play tough, they are grabbing the chance to play and making it count. But despite the seriousness of the game, the league is willing to mix it up, make its own rules, keep it fresh and different and new, which makes the league unique and special.

Q:  Can you share some of your future plans or ideas you hope to implement?

A: My background and expertise is in content. I headed up the Media House at Red Bull North America and developed a content strategy for Gatorade. I love sports content – it’s inherently dramatic and emotionally involving and creates opportunities to tell compelling stories. I hope to help build not just the brand and the league, but also to introduce the players and other league personalities to new audiences and build them into stars. In addition, I am looking to bring more audience involvement into the league and to build the fan base through social media, multiple platforms, broadcast partners, interactive and gamified content, and other innovative, forward thinking initiatives.

Q: What do you see as the long-term growth of the league?

A: The league is still very new. The potential for growth is huge. I see more teams in more parts of the country, the emergence of the A7FL as a cool, zeitgeist-y brand that reflects current culture, the popularity of new athletes and personalities, the education of audiences about the sport, and new generations of fans interacting with and playing the game.

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