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A7FL 2015 Week 6: Rivals Clash For 2nd Seed

If there was one thing most people wanted to see in a football game what would it be? High scoring? Low scoring? A battle of the trenches? A rivalry that provides a eye opening level of talent?

What if I told you, you could potentially see all of those on Sunday? You would sign up almost immediately, well at least I know I would. And sure, you can’t have a high scoring and a low scoring game at the same time but that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t take either of those if they were exciting enough to keep you glued to your seat.

Ever wonder why when game shows, or live telecasts tell you not to change the channel? Because if you do you could miss it but when it comes to the game of football all it takes is a blink of the eye and it could blow past you faster than the wind on a stormy day.

This Saturday will be no different as the Savage from New Jersey sitting at 4 – 2 challenge the reigning, defending Beef Bowl champion Paterson U in a match up that is sure to keep everyone on high alert.

If last season provides you with any indication of how this game will develop then we are in for one of the best games of the season. In 2014, these two teams faced each other once ending in a 20 – 0 victory for the Savage. Even though the game was a shut out it didn’t fail to entertain as the game had everything for good offense, to strong defense and even a scuffle that saw one of the U’s best players suspended for the Regular season.

I think I have said it several times already for other teams but its not every season you see the top teams in the league with losses on their record let alone two. The Savage have pride themselves over the last few years to be the team that doesn’t lose in the regular season. Surrounded with some of the best talent in the game the Savage have always been one of the best teams in the league and this season is no different, except for the number in their loss column.

After taking tough back – to – back losses to Bombers from Jersey and the Cobras from Baltimore the Savage have bounced back with victories against both the Wolfpack and the Punishers. However, the team took a bit of a punch in the face on their way to the game against the Cobras when basically their entire secondary decided not to show up to the contest in stead they stayed in Jersey to watch the Bombers vs. Paterson U. This drove a wedge between the Savage brass and the individuals who were supposed to be there for the team.

After some internal discussions the Savage decided to part ways with the individuals and they ended up joining their Week 7 opponent The U which will call for even bigger headlines coming into this one.

The U sit at 5 – 1 with their only loss coming during their week 2 contest against BIC who currently sit undefeated. Over the last three weeks the U has seen several additions to their roster make huge strides including the addition of new QB Quarrel “Huff” Huffin who has taken over for Kareem Moon. Huff is new to the league and is easily marking himself as a front runner for the Rookie of the Year award specifically if he can take the U all the way. Huff has a dangerous amount of speed and an arm to match. He can hit all major throws asked by a QB in this league while knowing when to take off and play the ground game. He is certainly a game changer and having him and Moon on the field at the same time is an absolutely menacing combination.

The additions of brothers Justin Hannibal Rey and Larry Hannibal Rey on the defensive side of things also solidifies a defense that is already stacked with Craig Pitts, Marcus “Hardbody” McKinney and Rashawn “Rated” McGuire.

Justin, more known for being a nickel defensive back has an excellent nose for the ball and is often times bating the offensive line in to engaging only for the ends to swing by them. When he isn’t bating the line he can be seen blitzing from the edge and more times than not is the one bringing the ball carrier to the ground. His brother, Larry, is a ball hawking corner back with elite speed and much like his brother knows how to find the ball and make a play on either the ball itself or the one carrying it.

The Savage are the epitome of consistency. For several years the team has had the same exact roster that by now if you have been paying attention you should be able to name every player on it’s roster. Very rarely will you see Prince – Captain / Coach / Elusive FB – bringing in outsiders to the squad he has built, when he does, it doesn’t often turn out well. One of the most consistent parts for the Savage have been at QB who in their 7 years of history only three QBs have been at the helm and the only reason for that was because the current QB, Rhudson Fonseca, went off to play football in Brazil for a year.

Rhudson (the R is silent) who you can see representing Brazil in the IFAF American Football World Cup this Summer in Ohio, has been one of the most consistent players to ever grace an A7 field. With arm strength to make any play from short to intermediate and deep balls Fonseca also adds his feet into the mix. His elusiveness is second to none for a man his size and despite the defense often times collapsing around him he is almost always able to get away from it.

While the Savage for many years have lacked a top flight secondary and the loss of the aforementioned Hannibel Rey brothers is certainly a big loss that isn’t going to faze the Savage who has always been known for getting to the QB before they can even think of getting rid of the ball. Their line backers and defensive ends lead by Quentin Bragg and Olajuwon “Olay” Bell have always had an easy time getting to the ball carrier regardless of how quick or elusive they may be.

This is just another A7 match up that has mind-altering playoff implications and even a few sub headlines can spark some massive interest and intrigue as these two highly powerful teams go head to head in a game that could seriously flip the game on it’s head.

April 19, 2020

2020 A7FL Opening Day

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