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Interview with NJ U Week 1 2016

Finally, The U. After this weeks bombshell news that the U won’t be present on the field come Sunday I had a chance to talk with both Marcus and Bates about their future and what it means for other teams who will “escape the bullet” of fending off the two-time defending champs.

Q: There has been plenty of teams who have dominated in years past and then either weren’t in the league or weren’t the same anymore that can easily mark the year someone else won with an asterisk? Can we predict a similar outcome if the U is really not able to make it on the field?

A: (Marcus) In my honest opinion the only way another team  will win this year is if we aren’t in it. Teams get better every year but we’re also getting better. We know that we have a target on our backs so it only makes sense to make off season upgrades just like everyone else. If for some reason we don’t make it on the field it wouldn’t be the first time, we took a season off as the wrecking crew and came back better than ever. if there is no U, next up would either be Savage, BIC, Chiefs in no particular order.

Q: What is it that makes the U so powerful? You have been at the top of this league for many years and have finally gotten over the hump with back-to-back championships. What is in the drinking water in Paterson that makes you continuously the leagues best?

A: (Marcus) Chemistry, we’ve been playing 11 on 11 street football before A7FL existed. We move like a well oiled machine with interchangeable parts. I think we finally put the right pieces in the right places. I’m not the best in the league, the MVP is the best player. I do whatever is needed to win.

A: (Bates) What makes us so powerful is the depth we have at multiply position our second and third stringers can do the same as the first team guys. We trust and hold people accountable that’s what separates us from others.

Q: Every team has them but what about the U. What are some of the tricks you have up your sleeves this season?

A: (Marcus) No tricks, just a fast, physical, and tenacious defense countered by a high flying fast paced offense.

A: (Bates) Do you believe in magic?

Q: There has been rumors that you are stepping off the field Bates. Any particular reason you are making that decision? If last season was any indicator it shows that you still have a lot left in the tank.

A: (Bates) I’m done playing. My body is getting old and I have other things in the works now that has taken my focus  and I always have something in the tank at 65 percent.

Q: Marcus, in a league full of pure athletes what is it that makes you go?

A: (Marcus) I’m a fierce competitor and I hate losing. Those two things mixed with confidence in myself and my abilities pretty much fuels me every Sunday.

April 19, 2020

2020 A7FL Opening Day

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