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NJ Savage Week 1 2016 Scouting Report

The camp in Savage town is always difficult to break as they are often very quiet about whats going on behind closed doors but following a loss as Boom Beach in the Fall Chip to BIC they went back to the drawing board as well. From what we know for sure is that they brought back a few pieces that had once donned the orange and white years ago including Bigga who is very dynamic offensive player at QB and HB and we know they still have several former Bomber players despite not knowing who is actually relocating themselves to South Beach. Of course lets not forget the pieces from Boom Beach that decided to restart the Cardinals. Due to issues with league management we could see the boys in red make their return to the Orange sooner than later. Olay, Quentin and Arce still control a very fast, very dominate defense while RF1  and QBell still lead a lethal offensive game plan. Despite the question marks outside of their organization Matt Brown and Waldy Mendez have always put together a competitive team on the field and this season shall be no different.

The Animals return to the field yet again with plenty of their own question marks. Led by a very smart Santisteban family the Animals have always been one of the more competitive teams in the league. Another team hailing out of the Silk City the Animals have never really been able to put it together like their brothers from The U. Although they have plenty of talent on the squad including Rookie of the Year Loopside the team just doesn’t have the big names that are needed to truly be a contender. With a lot of talk that several members of the U will be playing for the Animals this year due to issues with league management the Animals may have just acquired some of the pieces that can make them a cavalcade to the Chip.

Despite the Fall Chip, there aren’t many people out there that feel like BIC can actually turn their fall championship into one for the Spring. The team that is two years removed from the Beef Bowl was seconds away from returning again if not for a tipped pass, perfect placement, and one hell of a play by one of the leagues best receivers. All that aside it isn’t the play that people point to but the leadership on the field that has been criticized heavily by former players of the team and others as to the reason the team will never get it done. The team returns their entire offense intact including Tyree, Smoke, Troy, Chris Jones, Courage and added explosive weapons Jamie Melendez, CP3 and Debo from the Wolfpack to the squad. Defensively the team will bring to the table stud defensive end Kwack, Semi Pro LB / Safety Kenneth Tippet and others to a star studded defense led by Antlyve and Kenny. Regardless of the noise outside of the club, distractions will be pushed aside and their mission is to silence the critics.

April 19, 2020

2020 A7FL Opening Day

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