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A7FL Florida – First Teams Revealed


The first three of eight Florida division teams have been revealed this week with one each day being debuted on social media. Starting on Tuesday, January 5th with the reveal of Orlando’s O-TOWN ORANGE.

FLORIDA ALERT!!! 8 New Teams, revealing one each day starting RIGHT NOW with… “THE O-TOWN ORANGE!” Insiders know Orlando as O-TOWN and THE ORANGE are ready to show that nothing is sweet down here in Florida.

Next up was the TAMPA NIGHT CRAWLERS on Tuesday.

🚨 TEAM REVEAL TWO!!! What’s that all up in Florida?? 🤫 It’s the TAMPA NIGHTCRAWLERS!! 🕷️ They’re sneaking their way into KICKIN’ A$$ and TAKIN’ GAMES 💥 Don’t get caught in the dark, THEY’LL GETCHA!

Thursday brought out the GHOSTS of Orlando.

TEAM REVEAL THREE!!! OOooOooO, what’s spooking all of Florida?? :scream: It’s the ORLANDO GHOSTS!! :ghost: They’re bringing the electric SOUL and SPIRIT of football to the 407 :facepunch: SCARING and HAUNTING anyone that crosses them :open_mouth:

We continue to debut the remaining 5 Florida teams at 10:00 AM EST through Tuesday, January 12th before heading into revealing the eight San Diego division teams.

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