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In the 2023 A7FL Championship, we saw the first-ever championship appearances for both the Las Vegas Insomniacs and the Tampa Nightcrawlers as they battled it out to see who would take home the 2023 A7FL Title.

Tampa Bay Nightcrawlers vs Las Vegas Insomniacs

July 23, 2023

The Nightcrawlers started with the ball and they would strike fast and score on a touchdown from Bagway to Davis with 12:02 left in the first. The Insomniacs’ first drive would feature heavy doses of RTC and Tre Robinson but it would finish with a touchdown pass from Scooter to Davick Clark with 5:59 left in the quarter. Tampa would be inside the Insomniacs’ 10-yard line as the quarter expired.

On the first play of the second quarter, Logo Davis scrambled for another touchdown to give Tampa a 12-7 lead. Vegas would not take long to respond as Eric Shufford scored on a 30-yard receiving touchdown with 6:39 left until halftime. Tampa would do what they have done all season on their next drive: put up more points. Logo Davis would score on a 75-yard receiving touchdown for his third of the first-half with 6:19 left in the second. Vegas would throw-off back to the Nightcrawlers and Tampa would have one more shot to score before the half. Logo Davis would get his fourth touchdown of the first half by way of a 20-yard reception with only 43 seconds left in the half. The Insomniacs would get a massive 60-yard bomb from Scooter Hamilton to Josh Brown with 13 seconds left in the half. The whirlwind of a second quarter would end with the Nightcrawlers up 25-20 heading into the locker room. 

2nd HALF

The Insomniacs’ first drive of the second half would result in a three-and-out and the Nightcrawlers would get the ball with 13:02 left in the quarter on their own 37-yard line. Like they normally do, Tampa would get into the endzone on a beautifully executed quick-screen speed-option with 12:13 left in the third. The next Vegas drive would end after a failed 4th-and-17 attempt to give a very dangerous Tampa offense another opportunity with 8:08 left in the quarter. Tampa would throw a massive interception that would be returned all the way to their own 30-yard line and the Insomniacs would take full advantage and score with 1:58 left in the quarter. Tampa would turn the ball over again on their next drive, and the Insomniacs would tie the game up at 32 heading into the fourth.

Tampa’s first drive of the fourth would result in Logo Davis’s fifth touchdown of the game on a nice one-handed catch with 13:42 left in the game. The Insomniacs would respond with a touchdown of their own by a speed option by Scooter with 7:53 left in the season. Tampa’s next possession would end fast with another touchdown by way of a 75-yard bomb with 6:21 left in the A7FL season. The Insomniacs refused to go away and would score on their next possession on a dime of a pass from Scooter to make the score 46-44 with the Nightcralwers in the lead with 4:20 left in the championship. As the Insomniacs have done all season long, they gave the ball to their workhorse RTC to score with 30 seconds left to secure the first ever championship for the Insomniacs and the Vegas Division! It was a fantastic season and it ended with a Las Vegas champion! It was an honor to write these game recaps all season for this league! See you in March! Final: Las Vegas Insomniacs 50 Tampa Bay Nightcralwers 46

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