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3 on 1 “Throw-off”

Our “3 on 1 Throw-off” addresses issues with traditional special teams while maintaining a level of action and entertainment fans are going wild over.
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See how one player is making his dream dream come true to play in the NFL. Training hard, working out, and staying on the football market with current film played a big role. Taking a season off is not an option.
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2017 Championship

A7FL 2017 Championship national televised broadcast by ELEVEN Sports Network.
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2016 Championship

Check out an amazing game between the Union City NJ Chiefs and Trenton NJ BIC that came down to the wire.
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A7FL “Mic’d Up”

Our Mic’d Up Segments give fans the sounds of A7FL game that they love and we’ll be bringing you even more in 2017.
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A7FL Goes Viral

Our Facebook video has reached over 10 million fans. To become a sponsor please contact us.
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Pads vs No Pads

A7FL explains the differences between playing with and without a helmet and hard pads.
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NFL Player Reaction

See Leonard Marshall’s reaction on our facebook page after watching our 2014 Championship Game.
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Baltimore Watchmen vs Paterson U ()

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