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3 on 1 Throw Off

Changing the game with the “3 on 1” Throw-off

Special teams have always delivered pure excitement in traditional football but not without a hefty price. The speed in which players collide attributes to some of the worst injuries both long and short term. Even more dangerous are the vicious crack back and blind side shots that are more likely to happen during traditional punts and kickoffs.

The A7FL argues that its’ “3 on 1 Throw-off” fixes the current issues with traditional special teams but, while keeping the action and entertainment for fans at an all-time level. Ladies and Gentlemen here is the future of special teams.

Some of the first concerns were, “3 against 1, the returner is going to get killed out there.” We do see some good hits on returns but in order to have a high success rate for the throwing teams, would be tacklers need to break down and be discipline. You want to contain and trap the runner or he can make you pay with 6!

Removing the blockers removes the chance of blind side / crack back style blocks. Hitting someone when they’re not looking is what special teams players live for, that’s their highlight reel material but also extremely dangerous. Here are some highlights below of our 3 on 1s. Hope you enjoy!


“3 on 1” Throw-off Rules

To start each half and after every score, the defending team will throw the ball off from their own 40 yard line. The team throwing will be allowed 3 players and the receiving team 1 player. If the ball crosses the goal line it will be an automatic touchback and the ball will be spotted on the 20 yard line. The receiver may opt for a fair catch and once he signals the play will be blown dead. If he drops the fair catch a 10 year penalty will be assessed and if he doesn’t attempt to field a fair catch then the ball will be spotted wherever it stops or goes out of bounds. There will be no penalty for a ball thrown out of bounds if a fair catch is called for.

The receiver must be the first player to touch the ball. The receiver may opt to not touch the ball at all and in this case the ball will be downed wherever the throwing team touches it. There is no possibility for an onside throw and the throwing team may not throw it to their own player. A muffed catch can be recovered but not advanced by the throwing team and only if a fair catch has not been signaled for. If the ball is thrown out of bounds during a throw off, the receiving team has the option of taking that spot or pushing the throwing team back 10 yards and making them throw again. If the team throwing off throws the ball out of bounds a second time, the receiving team will automatically be awarded a spot at the 50 yard line.

If the offense elects to “Throw-off” (punt) all of the same rules above apply with exception of a penalty being accessed for a ball that is thrown out of bounds. Throw-offs are untimed downs but the play clock will come into play. See A7FL Rules for more info.

March 29, 2020

2020 A7FL Opening Day

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