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Interview with NJ Chiefs Week 1 2016

The Chiefs ended a remarkable 2015 season in the Beef Bowl but that didn’t stop them from creating an even more remarkable offseason with the addition of at least four known superstars and probably many more to go with their already star studded staff. I sat down with captain Andrew Pallotto Jr. to discuss the ending of Beef Bowl 10, their offseason and his thoughts on 2016:

Q: The Chiefs are a historic franchise that have made it  to the top in just a few seasons, which can’t be said for many teams. With that in mind, what was your teams mindset going into that championship game against the U last season?

A: THE U is definitely the best team we played all year. Of course you go into a championship game thinking your going to win but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. THE U has so much depth there 2nd and 3rd Stringers can be starters on any team. They just flat out came and smacked us in the mouth from jump. Martinez going down really early had us leaning on the pass game too much and of course the weather didn’t help. When facing the U you need to have a set game plan and follow through with it, they are back to back champions for a reason. I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t see them again in the same standards but we will see.

Q: There have only been a handful of teams to even make it to the Beef Bowl let alone win one. Knowing how close you were to doing so, what’s next for you and the Chiefs?

A:  I’m here to win games and get my first CHIP with my brothers. We have this sour taste in our mouth and it’s not a good one. All offseason long all you see on our private page is “our time” or “revenge”. What are you going to expect from the 2k16 Chiefs well, you are going to get this chip on shoulder, hate my own mother, nitty gritty, punch you in the mouth type of football. Everyone knows our style of play but expect it to be at higher level this season.

Q:  You’ve made some big additions this year that we know about and probably plenty more we don’t know about. What was the process to getting guys like ST, Isack, Levine and Terry to boost both your already potent defense and high powered offense?

A: By a very large margin St has been my favorite player in beef since I met the dude when he was a young and talented Bomber. I’m still puzzled how a guy with his talent is not in the league. But he always told me “Dru before I walk I’m going to Chief up” and this so happens to be the season. For Levine and Issac well who wouldn’t play With BIG MO? Have you seen what Mo has done? Being involved in rotation with LOC and Tori. Personally for me Isaac is unblockable and is destined to be the best that’s ever done it. Levine’s just a fucking animal, he’s a scary sight and it’s going to be fun watching all these guys just smack people around LOL. As far as Terry, look who’s going to get the ball to him, Vargas! Vargas’ ability alone just draws talent towards him. But Terry is a special kind of reciever and he’s going to put up big numbers plus he’s a scumbag so that fits our criteria well. We have a few more moves in store that we made but those we keep quiet for now, But our biggest Move this year is Mayweather “Primetime” you are going to see how talented this kid is this season.

Q: You’ve not only been an influential leader to your own ball club but to your community as well. Tell us what it is that makes you so connected to Union City?

A: When you grow up in Union City it’s a small town but a real tight town. A lot of us grow up without the perfect kind of life. I try to make a difference in my city because now that I’m a man looking back I see where I went wrong, I see my mistakes and I don’t want anyone to go thru that. Main reason why I coach is to play that fatherly role in a kids life that don’t have it so they know what it is like to be taught by someone. I didn’t have that when I was young, everything I learned, I did it on my own with my moms by my side. Best feeling in the world is to have a kid you coached grow up and say “coach you are the best coach I ever had”. That means the world to me. And now that I have 2 sons  I make sure I guide them correctly and be the father I never had. Union City is where my heart is at, fundraisers, charity anything for this town. Best part about it is even the CHIEFS are starting to give back in events. I give back to where I came from cuz that’s what’s the right thing to do when you are coming from the bottom.

April 19, 2020

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