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KIRKLAND, Wash. – Athlete Intelligence, a leading sports wearable technology company, announced today that it is renewing its partnership agreement with the A7FL, the pioneering full contact, helmet-less, tackle football league. The agreement, now in its third year, reaffirms both organizations commitment to reducing the risk of head injuries and improving player safety.
As part of the new agreement, A7FL teams will wear the CUE Sports Sensor for its upcoming 2018 season. Lightweight and compatible with headbands, the CUE Sport Sensor measures the head’s linear and rotational accelerations from impacts experienced in practices and games. Coaches and trainers are able to leverage the data collected from the sensors to improve technique, manage impact exposure, and continue to focus on re-ducing the risk of injury.

“Concussion management is an area that football is trying to improve in an effort to elevate player safety,” re-marked Andrew Golden, Director of Marketing for Athlete Intelligence. “The CUE Sports Sensor and our Athlete Intelligence Platform are important tools for players, trainers, and coaches. We appreciate industry leaders like the A7FL adopting our technology.”

When paired with the Athlete Intelligence Platform, the CUE can identify potential safety issues whenever they occur on the field. The Athlete Intelligence Platform is being implemented to further bolster collective knowledge pertaining to concussions and prevention – especially among sports-related head injuries that often cause seri-ous, permanent damage. Sports concussions are on a dramatic rise; 1-in-5 high school athletes will sustain one this year, and more than 33% happen during practice. Football has one of the highest rate of concussion among teenage athletes, with about 11 concussions occurring per 10,000 athletic exposures.

“We’re continuously looking for the latest technology to better understand head impacts,” noted Sener Korkusuz, CEO of the A7FL. “We’re excited about continuing our relationship with Athlete Intelligence and we believe this technology will reinforce the A7FL as an innovative organization while also opening up a wider discussion on the future of helmeted and non-helmeted sports”

“If we can save one kid from a life-altering head-injury, one child from secondary impact system and potentially death, we’ve done our job,” said Golden.

About Athlete Intelligence: Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, Athlete Intelligence is a data-driven analytics company that uses a range of wearable sensor solutions to provide highly accurate and reliable, real-time data. This information al-lows sideline personnel to create coachable moments while empowering athletes to compete and play at their best. For more information, visit:

About A7FL: Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, the American 7s Football League is the largest full contact, tackle football league in the United States that plays without hard pads or helmets. The goal of the A7FL is to save one of America’s favorite sports by fixing the way players tackle without sacrificing the physicality of the game all football fans love. In the A7FL we have seen the practical elimination of repetitive non-concussive hits such as those that occur with helmet to helmet football. We believe the A7FL platform provides a modern model for the continued existence of football nationally but also the ultimate expansion of American 7s football internationally. For more information, visit:


David Gallaher

Director of Communications

Athlete Intelligence

Telephone: +1 (347) 366-1851

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