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A7FL’s Newest Division, A7FL Indianapolis, Releases First Team Name and Logo – INDIANAPOLIS OCTANE

New A7FL Team Fueling the Heartland’s Football Passion

A7FL Indianapolis Football Team - Octane

In America’s heartland, where the roar of engines and the love for football converge, the Indianapolis Octane was conceived to become a symbol of energy, determination, and Midwest pride.

A Blend of Energies

To reflect the spirit of Indianapolis, Indiana, the A7FL Indianapolis leadership wanted a name that would capture the energy and excitement of both football and one of the most iconic racing towns in America. They envisioned a name that would resonate with the city’s identity as a hub of motorsports and innovation. After much consideration, the name “Octane” was chosen.

“Octane” embodies the very essence of what both racing and football represent: high-octane excitement, intensity, and an unyielding drive to win. The name signifies power, speed, and a relentless pursuit of victory, characteristics that the team looks to bring to the A7FL gridiron.

A7FL Indianapolis Football - Octane Uniform

Designing the Logo

The team’s logo features a dynamic fusion of football and vintage motorsports symbolism and typography. At the center, a football embedded in black and white wings emulates a finish line flag, symbolizing the heart of American sports. Together with typography that speaks to the time of vintage service stations that initially built out the race cars, and two iconic chevron icons, a solid visual identity has been created that is instantly recognizable and uniquely Indianapolis.

“The Indianapolis Octane is more than just an A7FL football team; it’s a representation of Indianapolis itself, “said Sener Korkususz, A7FL CEO, “a city where racing and football collide, creating a dynamic, high-energy, and unforgettable sporting experience for fans of all ages.”


The A7FL Indianapolis Division, the league’s 10th, is owned by the same owner of the A7FL Cincinnati Division, Joseph Perez. Becoming the second multi-division owner, Mr. Perez is confident in the vision of the overall league and the opportunity for its growth in Indianapolis.

“Having been an owner in Cincinnati since 2021 and seeing the growth this style of football brings to a community, it was an easy decision to look at adding a second division to my portfolio,” said Joesph Perez, A7FL Indianapolis & Cincinnati Owner “Now, with the introduction of my first team and seeing the incredible player interest, I anticipate building four teams in short order.”

The Octane and additional Indianapolis teams will play in the Midwest Division of the league, including Cincinnati and Columbus. They will compete in playoffs across the country, focused on crossing the finish line as 2024 national champions. The A7FL 2024 season begins on March 24, 2024.

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