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Another amazing Sunday of A7FL football across the country!

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Sunday April 14, 2024

Week three started off the day with an A7FL Games of the Week matchup that would prove to be a study in defense. The Rahway Shnow Tribe and DC Buzz battled in the middle-earth of the field all game long trading blow for blow in their first meeting of the season. The Buzz justed edged out the Tribe in the end to take the victory and get their first win of the season.

The second Game of the Week, billed as potentially the game of the regular season, did not disappoint. Both the Trenton BIC and the Paterson U came in undefeated and both expected to to take the national championship this July after being shut out of the championship game last season. The BIC took an impressive lead in the game early to the march of QB, Sterry Codrington. Codgrington played with confidence in himself and his team, employing his personal running game over many of the key plays of the game. This included Codringtons 89 yard run out of the U’s endzone and last second lateral to Ashante Worthy for a late TD in the first half.

In the second half, the Paterson U replied in true form, never giving in on what they set to do this day. They fought back and made what looked like a turn of the game in the second half but came away short. BIC remains undefeated and comes away with bragging rights in the oldest rivalry in the league.

Other games around the league included an epic battle of Cincinnati’s QC Crush vs Indy Octane. The Octane coming out of the newly formed A7FL Indianapolis Division looked more like a seasoned squad then the New Kids on the Block.

With the game all but tied up 19-18 Octane, with 7 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter the Crush would make a huge mistake as the Octane would intercept the ball for a short pick-6 and go up 25-18.

The Crush would not lay down and battled back down the field for a TD catch right at the goal line and go up 24-25 Crush. With 3:50 remaining in regulation, the Crush go for the two point conversion and get it, again with a catch at the line and rolling in. 25-26 Crush and they would hold on for what seemed like an eternity. What a game!

Get ready for next Sunday, April 21 starting at 1PM ET!

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