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A7FL Selectes Athlete Intelligence To Monitor Player Performance And Safety

Athlete Intelligence, the leading data analytics and sports wearable technology company, and American 7s Football League (A7FL), the largest full contact, helmet-less, tackle football league in the United States is excited to announce their partnership for the 2017 A7FL season. A7FL will tap into the Athlete Intelligence data analytic platform and utilize the company’s smart wearable technology, Vector MouthGuard, to optimize player performance and focus on reducing the risk of injury.

This spring Athlete Intelligence technology will be integrated within all the teams participating in A7FL. Players will be outfitted with the smart sensor technology the Vector MouthGuard. The Vector MouthGuard is the most accurate sport sensor measuring impacts to the head, including the brain’s linear and rotation accelerations.

According to Athlete Intelligence CEO Jesse Harper, “Our smart sensor the Vector MouthGuard pairs with the functionality of the Athlete Intelligence Platform to deliver a easy-to-use solution for more than just hit detection; it helps coaches and athletic trainers improve the players techniques and reduce injuries.“

The Athlete Intelligence platform will gather the data from the Vector MouthGuards and interpret the findings into a 3D head heat map visualizing the exact magnitude, direction, location and time of every hit. The platform will further analyze the data throughout the season to deliver “coachable moments,” or actionable insights for coaches and athletes to improve technique to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

Sener Korkusuz CEO of A7FL said, “The A7FL is extremely proud to have Athlete Intelligence return as a sponsor for the 2017 season beginning April 2, 2017. With the limited data collected from the last season from A7FL athletes wearing the Vector MouthGuards, we’re already getting an indication that the format of A7FL elevates player safety. We are so excited to continue our partnership and work with Athlete Intelligence and the New Jersey Institute of Technology this season in gathering as much scientific data as possible to be analyzed.”

The A7FL kicks off their 2017 season this Sunday, April 2, 2017 in New Jersey. You can watch the games live by subscribing to their YouTube Channel.

To view the complete video visit the Athlete Intelligence YouTube page.

About A7FL: Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, the American 7s Football League is the largest full contact, tackle football league in the United States that plays without hard pads or helmets. The goal of the A7FL is to save one of America’s favorite sports by fixing the way players tackle without sacrificing the physicality of the game all football fans love. In the A7FL we have seen the practical elimination of repetitive non-concussive hits such as those that occur with helmet to helmet football. We believe the A7FL platform provides a modern model for the continued existence of football nationally but also the ultimate expansion of American 7s football internationally. The A7FL has now joined forces with the New Jersey Institute of Technology and i1Biometrics Vector technology to study TBI and CTE as it relates to the “concussion” crisis in American football. The objective of the A7FL TBI study is to generate empirical evidence that removing helmets and hard pads reduces concussions and drastically reduces CTE and TBI related injury. For more information, visit:

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