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America’s Favorite Running Back You Haven’t Met Yet!

“I really never got a chance to play RB in all the years I played football,” says Courage Mozie, star running back for the New Jersey B.I.C. (Brothers In Christ). Anybody would be shocked to read this after watching this young man perform (see video below).

We see plenty of talented running backs in the A7FL but Courage is the complete package. He picks up the blitz better than anyone, he’s got great hands and knows exactly how to move when protection breaks down. He’s a power runner that makes decisive cuts and has sneaky speed. Everything you could want from a franchise back.

Mozie is just 25 years young. “As far playing at the next level like D1 in the NFL or CFL I would absolutely love that one that. One of my biggest dreams was always to play D1 or just college ball in general. The nfl was always very very far fetched,” says Mozie. A humble statement from a typical field general that does his talking whistle to whistle. The idea of going to the NFL is not so far fetched. Mozie recently replaced a running back that went off to sign a futures contract with the New York Giants (Daryl Virgies) in 2017.

Courage is the type of player that wont allow team moral to shrink. During games you’ll notice he focuses on the moods and body language of his teammates and is quick to confront any of them if he doubts their resolve. He’s after the win and could care less if you knew the name on his jersey. “My real name is Jahleel Mozie..I got the Courage nickname about 10 yrs ago from a group of my boys..they say I laugh like the dog from Courage the Cowardly Dog lol,” says Mozie.

After leading his team to a championship in 2016 where they were down 18 points his team has struggled to get back to the big dance. In a league where player loyalty is lofty, Courage will most likely stay with B.I.C. unless his far fetched dream is answered and he gets that call. B.I.C. will open open on April 7th hosting the Pennsylvania Misfits.

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April 19, 2020

2020 A7FL Opening Day

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