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At 6’4″ 260, 25 Year Old Jawaun Lipscomb Deserves a Look

At 6’4″ 260, 25 Year Old linebacker, Jawaun Lipscomb deserves a look at the pros.  How does a guy that can move like this at 6’4” 260lbs go unnoticed? I’ve seen about a 1,000 guys pass through this league and while there are some incredible talents not everyone is gifted with both athletic ability and size.

“High School was my highest level, I lost my Mom at 15 and been on my own pretty much since high school,” says Lipscomb. “I do have aspirations to go pro and however I can’t go to school so I have to take the back door to the next level. Adult life doesn’t stop for anyone and I have to provide for myself, it’s been that way since I was 17.”

Born and raised in Baltimore, Jawaun currently works in construction and is engaged with no children. “What has kept me out of the big leagues is lack of recognition and me having to support myself for so many years. I had no time  to  put into football however this league helps a lot.”

His Baltimore Vikings open up on the road week 1 vs. the New Jersey Savage. Watch this game live on FaceBook April 7th at 2pm. The Vikings completed an undefeated season last year but lost in the championship to the Baltimore Gators 28-14.

There are so many gifted athletes that could have played or could play at the next level but either lost their way or lacked the support needed to even have a shot. To be able to write this article and put a guy like Jawaun out there and possibly get him his shot is a labor of love for me.

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