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Alsaiah Gross Throws Perfect Behind the Back Pass for PAT

Many football fans are asking, will Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs try a behind-the-back pass in the NFL this season? While A7FL fans have been lucky enough to see just that type of skill, or bravado (depending on how you look at it), in action during the 2019 A7FL Championship between the Pennsylvania Immortalz and the Paterson U.

For those of you who watched the 2019 Championship LIVE on Twitch, the play was not only surprising but spectacular at the same time, to the surprise and amazement of fans watching LIVE on Twitch, the Twitch chat blew up with comments like:

trifehighwind: “the disrespect”

eaglesbebo: “ohhhhhhhhhhh sh*tttttttt”

Twitch Primedeja_wv: “the U is done that was a dagger”

It’s late in the Second Quarter with the PA Immortalz leading the Paterson U by 12 points.  Obviously, QB #13 Alsaiah Gross is feeling good right now, so good in fact, because on the play before this he threw a 45 yard TD bomb to 2019 A7FL Championship MVP wide receiver Yusef “Young” Reddick.

So Gross is going to try something that’s never been done before in an official A7FL game, he’s going to go for a behind-the-back toss for the PAT (Point After Touchdown) attempt.  Not only is he successful but the perfect throw is right on the money in the back of the end-zone.

The U is stunned, the looks on their faces are like “what do we do now?”.  Hold that look in contrast to the celebrations of the Immortalz sideline rushing the field in jubilation, Gross’s soul crushing behind the back pass demoralized the U who could not come back.

Want to see more of this in 2020?  We have a feeling there is more behind-the-back action to come!

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