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Kareen “Silky Smooth” Moon: Love of the Game

The Paterson U’s, Kareen Moon, is the type of guy who likes to stay busy. With two jobs and two kids, he doesn’t have time for much else. Unfortunately for his A7FL® opponents, Moon always seems to find a way to pencil in gameday on his calendar.

The Staten Island native has been playing football in some shape or form for all his life. He fell in love with the game playing in the streets and parks as a kid with family members. Growing up with a large family, football games in the parks and streets always had their supply of players. It was in these simple games where Moon discovered his love of football (and found out he was pretty good, too). “That’s why I’m still playing in the A7FL,” says Moon, “It’s football how I grew up playing. It’s pure football.”

Moon’s football journey took him to William Paterson University, where he was a standout player, setting numerous records and leading the country in kick return average. After college, Moon joined a bunch of his fellow alumni and formed the NJ Paterson U, where he continued to shine, especially in the special teams department under the A7FL’s unique 3 on 1 rules. “I have a ritual before game days where I watch highlights of guys like Deon Sanders and Devin Hester,” says Moon, “I guess it was just a matter of time before some of their game found its way into mine.”

At 34, with a football career spanning multiple leagues, Moon’s body has been put through the ringer. A dislocated elbow, a torn quad, and a torn hamstring couldn’t sideline Moon from the game he loves for long. Besides, he has the tape to prove that he hasn’t lost a step. “People tell me that I’m crazy for still playing,” says Moon, “but football is something that I’ve done forever, and I love it—the fans, the teammates, everything.”

Moon doesn’t see himself walking away from the game that he loves anytime soon but trusts himself that he will make the right choice when the time comes. Until then, the rest of the A7FL is stuck with the impossible challenge of stopping Kareen “Silky Smooth” Moon.

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