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A7FL 2024 NJ Icecream-truck

The tenth season of the A7FL brought the fight as divisions all across the country began their national schedules this past weekend, including the A7FL “Games of the Week.”

Game One

With action starting in the home field of the league, The winningest team in league history, The Paterson U looked in championship form, as 2023 MVP Quatrell Huffin returned to the team after playing with the Silk city Animals during last season.

Huffin, who was joined by new editions Jason Cisson and Nick Mays, alongside Paterson mainstays such as Dykari Mims m the returning Mo Ramadan, and the always dangerous Marcus “Hardbody” McKinnie. 

Standing across from Paterson was the only team to beat them at any point in 2023, The Baltimore Watchmen, who despite being one game closer to the title than Paterson was last season, felt like the team still figuring things out this past Sunday,

While Huff was THE option for Paterson at Quarterback, going 7-12 362 yards, 5 TD and an INT, Baltimore split time between Jon Gause Jr. and Roekim Chaney, the latter of which was set to be the full-time starter with veteran Corey Price as his backup before Gause would finalize a return to the team he joined in 2023.

The sheer depth of Paterson on offense and defense would send the Watchmen back to base wondering how to move forward as they would fall in Asbury Park 42-18.

Game Two

Our second game would feature the return of the 2022 champion Trenton BIC, who following a disappointing 2023 campaign look for redemption back in blood in 2024.

Carrying that theme into Sunday’s matchup with the ShnowTribe, the BIC would wear their red uniforms, which some perceived to be cursed, as prior appearances of the jersey saw less than stellar performances from the traditional blue and white ball club.

No matter the uniform, the team that features Sterry Codrington and Ashante Worthy at the helm alongside a defense that featured THREE pick-sixes and four sacks, three of which by A7FL legend Olay Bell.

All of this spelled disaster for the Rahway Shnowtribe, who would have no traction and melt under the heat of the former National Champions, 42-0.

Game Three

In our final Game Of The Week matchup we jet over to Las Vegas, as the Insomniacs looked like they needed a nap after a tough but emphatic win over the Vegas Force.

The Force, who were the first-division champions in 2022, rallied around the talent of Jaden Webb, but were unable to stifle the offensive output of the Insomniacs, who have yet to be beaten since coach James Bourgoin took over the club in the 2023 season.

And while the champions’ walked out with a 38-25 win over the Force, one has to wonder if this too close for comfort win is a sign of the pressure on our defending champions or the Force playing at a whole new level?

We find out when the A7FL returns to action in Las Vegas and across the country on April 7th starting at 1pm on our Games Of The Week as the Silk City Animals battle the Paterson U in a crosstown rivalry.



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Paterson U vs DC Buzz (On time)

June 2, 2024
Baltimore, MD (Reedbird)

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